Hunter Biden receives CCP award from Glorious Leader Xi Ping Pong

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On the heels of the historic purchase and submission of the American President Crime Boss and Big Man Biden (laugh here) Glorious CCP Leader Xi Ping Pong has awarded his son Hunter Biden the Ping Pong Medal of Honor. American Diplomats have been slapped in public and our military forces are prepared to advance on many fronts including in the American Homeland much of which we already own. The CCP owned and operated American Media is applauding the Diplomatic efforts and calling Biden a great Foreign Policy President (laugh here). The American politicians, media and judges we have on our payroll, ironically bought with American dollars from the manufacturing base the American Capitalists and Politicians have willingly provided us, have cleared Hunter Biden and continue to protect our chosen Big Man (laugh here) who will pursue and complete the Trans-formation (laugh again here) of the despicable Free American Society into the perfect and controlled Totalitarian Socialist Nation it is destined to be. Many of our elite agents have and are crossing the southern borders at will. I myself, am honored and happy to report that My Trusty Saw Rusty and I have been called back to the Woohoo Labs where Rusty will be infected with the next Gain of Function Virus that will be spread when I return to the US and begin once again to remove limbs as part of the Parties Free Health Care System for the poor. This next mandated virus and subsequent shutdown of the US economy may be the final step in the Ping Pong Strategy. We look forward to the removal of the useless idiots and the comedic relief they provided and can't wait to see the surprised looks on the faces of Hunter, the Big Man (laugh here) and the rest of the pathetic American Democrat Socialists who actually believe we will let them stay in power.