Success In Berkeley

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Ending economic inequality is a course study taken very seriously at the University of California: Berkeley. The State University offers Summer Economic Camps with the glorious world of next Tuesday goal of ending economic inequality. UC Berkeley - Stone Center Summer Institute 2023 - A four-day summer institute on economic inequality was held in June.

The Stone Center Summer Institute was hosted by the The James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Center on Wealth and Income Inequality at UC Berkeley. For accepted PhD Economics students, everything necessary to attend is, of course, free.

During this intensive 4-days program, students will attend small-group lectures and seminar presentations from Berkeley faculty and visiting professors addressing fundamental empirical and theoretical questions related to economic inequality. They will also have the opportunity to discuss their own research ideas and work-in-progress with leading researchers in this field.

The program is geared toward PhD students in economics who are at the beginning of their program, but applications are accepted from doctoral candidates of all levels. Travel, accommodations, and meals will be covered for all accepted applicants. Upon admission, more details will be provided.

The Seminar was a HUGE SUCCESS! Economic inequality in Berkeley, California is a thing of the city's capitalistic culture's past.

Cheer the arrival of Economic Equality, comrades!