Israel Asks Russia to De-Nazify Gaza

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Jerusalem, Israel -- The Israeli government confirmed today that they have officially requested Russia to de-nazify the areas of Gaza under Hamas control.

An Israeli diplomat involved with the request explained that Russia has a good track record as evidenced by their work in Ukraine.  "You don't see any Nazis in Ukraine, right?  Has anyone been running around there saying things like 'gas the Jews'?  No, you're seeing none of that, so Russia must be good at de-nazification.  In Gaza, this Nazi sentiment is rampant, as the world has seen since Oct 7th.  We're working on the problem, of course, but it is slow going.   The Russians and Wagner could probably get it done much quicker than us.  Apparently the international community likes how they do it so there are fewer political repercussions."

US Diplomats reported they are closely watching how Russia responds to the request, as de-nazification appears to be necessary on many US College campuses as well.