Attn Liberals: This Is What Islamic Supremacism Looks Like

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My article first published in Front Page Magazine - now with pictures


President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is in New York. According to the regime's official FARS News Agency, he is "set to meet American university students, artists, intellectuals and elites, including Occupy Wall Street anti-capitalist protestors, despite the ongoing efforts made by the pro-Zionist lobbies to prevent direct link between American people and the Iranian president."

The irony of this announcement must be lost on all of the above, including the Occupy Wall Street anti-capitalist fighters against all things supremacist: they are about to offer a propagandistic platform to a leading figure of Islamic supremacism, whose "news" agency can't even file a short report without an anti-Semitic jab.

Wikipedia defines supremacism as "the belief that a particular race, species, ethnic group, religion, gender, sexual orientation, class, belief system or culture is superior to others and entitles those who identify with it to dominate, control or rule those who do not."

Whoa! Wait one oppression-fighting minute! Species? Sexual orientation? Is there an article in Wikipedia where the sneaky "progressives" haven't laid their silly post-modernist eggs? But let's play "which word doesn't belong" some other time. A more pressing issue here is that the above definition perfectly describes Islam, states its goals and motivations, and explains the origins and purpose of the segregationist Sharia legal system that purports to be superior to individual equality and liberty.


According to a former FBI counter-terror expert Jeffrey Imm, "Islamic supremacism is an activist, transnational ideology that seeks the transformation or assimilation of every human being, with the ultimate goal to establish a global Islamic caliphate to govern Earth. Islamic supremacism may provide the ideological basis for Jihadist terrorism, but its adherents seek to attack and undermine equality and liberty using many other tactics."


Not only is Islam today's most potent, long-lasting, and threatening form of supremacism - it is also the one that is being willfully overlooked by its potential victims, who are all too busy welcoming it in New York: the aforementioned "American university students, artists, intellectuals and elites, including Occupy Wall Street anti-capitalist protestors." Might I add that deemed inferior are also those who plant words like "species" and "sexual orientation" into the Wikipedia definition of supremacism.

The latter themselves represent a loosely organized "religion of peace," united by their faith that word manipulation can somehow alter reality. They may even feel superior to others due to their skills in "framing the debate." And yet, despite their ritualistic lying to themselves and others, there is no such thing as "moderate supremacism" or "the supremacism of peace."


An example of their intellectual and moral contortionism is found in the same Wikipedia article, which laughably claims that Islamic supremacism is an illusion caused by "misinterpreting" Islam's history of invasions, massacres, oppression, and slave trade.

Some academics and writers have alleged Muslim or Islamic supremacism. The Qur'an and other Islamic documents always speak of tolerant and protective beliefs which have been misused, misquoted and misinterpreted by supremacists and anti Islamic elements. Specific examples of how supremacists have exploited the name of Islam includes Muslim participation in the African slave trade, the early 20th century pan-Islamism promoted by Abdul Hamid II, the jizya and rules of marriage in Muslim countries being imposed on non-Muslims, the majority Muslim interpretations of the rules of pluralism in Malaysia, and "defensive" supremacism practised [sic] by some Muslim immigrants in Europe.

Well, of course! And the allegations of Nazi supremacism must also be the invention of anti-Aryan elements. Specific examples of how the Aryan-phobes have exploited the good name of the Nazi movement include the annexation of Austria and territories in Eastern Europe; the occupation of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, the Netherlands, and France; the militaristic rule over the rest of Europe; the bombings of Britain and the invasion into the USSR, not to mention their vast network of concentration camps. Especially misused, misquoted and misinterpreted is the atypical event to which some academics and writers refer as "the Holocaust," perpetrated by a fringe group of extremist lunatics without the approval of the vast majority of moderate Nazis. Come to think of it, the entire WWII was merely an act of "defensive" supremacism to remedy the insults inflicted on the Aryan master race by inferior people. What a shame.


How loud must one scream into a deaf ear? What else needs to be said to convey the idea that of all the aforementioned forms of supremacism, real or imaginary, Islam is the only one that is currently growing in strength, numbers, and influence? That the current upheaval in the Muslim world has nothing to do with the silly "film" (which they haven't seen), and everything to do with the impulse to "dominate, control, and rule"? Would using "progressive" phraseology help?

"This is what democracy looks like" was often heard at Occupy Wall Street rallies from hatchlings of the "progressive" eggs we have seen deposited sneakily on the Internet, in textbooks, films, and news coverage. Their leaders also tried to garner the support of Islamists by embracing their alleged grievances, but having showed up only once for a public prayer and witnessing the ungodly Occupy lifestyle, Muslim groups quickly decided they weren't THAT tolerant. Predictably, this was promptly squirreled away by the Occupiers into the lessons-not-learned tent.

Call me a hopeless idealist who can't seem to learn his lessons either, but I'll try to make a point one more time, with this series of images titled, "This Is What Islamic Supremacism Looks Like." Hey, what are the odds they'll end up illustrating the article on supremacism in Wikipedia?







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BTW, liberals are happy to see Muslims use US flag as a mat. They recognize themselves in it. As I said before, Marxism is the philosophy of loot, Islam is the religion of loot, birds of a feather flock together.

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One of the resident progs in the FrontPageMag comment section posted this curious rebuke to my article:
Schlomotion wrote:What stands out about the article is Mr. Atbashian's use of communist rhetoric when he said "they are about to offer a propagandistic platform to a leading figure of Islamic supremacism." Ah, the language of 1980s USSR is back. A man speaking to people is a propagandistic platform, because in the eyes of Comintern, all speech is propaganda and should be centrally controlled. Ukrainian habits die hard.

I responded thusly:

ThePeoplesCube wrote:Then John McCain must also have Ukrainian habits and see through the eyes of Comintern, because that phrasing was borrowed from his 2008 presidential debate with Obama in Mississippi:

MCCAIN: "Senator Obama twice said in debates he would sit down with Ahmadinejad, Chavez and Raul Castro without precondition.... Here is... Ahmadinejad, who is now in New York, talking about the extermination of the State of Israel, of wiping Israel off the map, and we're going to sit down, without precondition, across the table, to legitimize and give a ***propaganda platform*** to a person that is espousing the extermination of the state of Israel, and therefore then giving them more credence in the world arena and therefore saying, they've probably been doing the right thing, because you will sit down across the table from them and that will legitimize their illegal behavior."

And Hillary Clinton must also be Ukrainian, because she told Obama almost the same thing In a June 2007 debate in South Carolina:

"I don't want to be used for propaganda purposes. I don't want to make a situation even worse."

Call someone quick! The highest levels of US government have been infiltrated by Ukrainians!

But the most curious thing about this comment is the "Reductio ad ethnicity" argument (pardon my Pig Latin). He is [insert non-standard ethnic origin], therefore his motives and arguments are suspect.

Unbeknownst to Mr. Schlomotion, that was some of the most common arguments the advocates of Soviet communism (also a form of supremacism) used to malign dissidents. In other words, he is himself guilty of what he accuses me of - "the language of 1980s USSR."

This isn't the first time a supposedly "color-blind" "liberal" prog dismisses my statements by saying I'm just a Soviet/Russian/Ukrainian/Armenian, etc. And that, comrades, is a sign of Progressive Supremacism/Chauvinism - something for me to write about in the near future.

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Ahhhh, Comrade Square - it reminds me of the efficacy of arguing with a pig: you accomplish nothing, and it irritates the pig.

Still, if you stand far enough back to avoid the frothing spittal, I suppose you can always hope for the best :)

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The threat of Islamic supremacism is as real to most Progs as the threat of the coming fiscal disaster. The future is far too abstract for that kind of mentality.

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A good read:

The Mansourian Candidate

The eerie similarities between radical Islamist all over the world and radical Leftist that reside right here in America. Because their ultimate goals are synonymic. A nation; dare I say a world, under submission to their will.

I believe these two ideologies are clear and present dangers to America and the world at large. Because both; at their core seek to suppress any speech or expression that is contrary to their worldview. Free speech has to be the first and most protected foundational pillar of any new nation. And it must be re-enforced perpetually in any existing nation that has adopted it.

The ideology of radical Islam has no place for dissent, compromise, freedom of expression or speech. It seeks to rule by the sheer force of fear, intimidation, criminalization and tyranny. Terrorism is its dominant mode of operations. It will not tolerate any opposing views or critiques. To say or do anything that it deems insulting of its worldview is worthy of imprisonment or even death. Its influence is so strong that it persuades the emotionally unstable to commit horrific acts terrorism. Its desire is total submission to its will.

Likewise in the same way contemporary liberalism/progressivism uses the same M.O. The ideology of the radical Left has no place for dissent or freedoms that do not comport to their worldview. It seeks to intimidate via boycotts, petitions, protests' and lawsuits.

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burka liberty.jpg

islamic whitehouse.jpg


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Certainly nothing to lose your head over.

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Jeffrey Imm wrote:Mr. Oleg Atbashian - I have emailed you my reply which is also posted at Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.) with very different photographs at: Human Rights and Human Wrongs

Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.)
Dear Jeffrey Imm,

We usually don't post comments here that are longer than the editorial. A link would have been sufficient. I suggest you edit your comment for length yourself, so that I won't be accused of censoring you.

Since you decided to take the discussion to this forum, I'll post here what I have just emailed to you in response.

We want the same thing, but use different approaches. Your approach may work, in the sense that it may demonstrate and convince some of the less close-minded that the West is not the enemy. When I still lived in the USSR, I saw American peace activists who were coming to visit - completely misguided about the Soviet government and believing they were among friends when they were among the KGB agents. And yet, they had an impact, as they helped to break the propaganda stereotypes about Americans. It was similar to the game of Reversi (Othello). They were unwittingly making converts, and the USA won. Similarly, Phil Donahue's space bridges with Moscow also helped, although not the way he imagined.

But this approach alone will not get the job done. Reagan's hard pressure and arms race also helped to break the Communist regime. When it fell, it was also like the game of Reversi - most of the board changed color overnight.

Remember Bin Laden's words about the strong horse and the weak horse? In a world without logic, emotions and perceptions are everything. Or would you say OBL misjudged his own people?

Anyway, thanks for doing what you're doing, just don't go so hard on those who are on your side - it doesn't help at all. And I don't mean White Supremacist groups - I don't like them any more than you do.


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In fact, Jeffrey, your response reminded me of this story we did a while ago:

Everybody Draw a POSITIVE Mohammed Day

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Welcome. We are building an inclusive community.


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Should not the Party be helping Islamism wear KKKapitalists out?

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Jeffrey Imm wrote:Since that shared disgrace, there are some in the Anti-Islam and in the Bin Ladenist camps who are intent on continuing to stir about more human wrongs to keep people agitated and fighting against one another. Pamela Geller, leader of the Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) and the Stop Islamization of Nations (SION) movement held a meeting in NYC on September 11, where some speakers spoke against Islam and the Qur'an, while violence was raging in Muslim-majority nations over the absurd anti-Islam YouTube video, and while Americans and others were being killed.
You really are doing your cause a great disservice by equating actions and words of Pamela Geller or Nakoula Basseley Nakoula with those of Osama bin Laden or his less-known lieutenants and followers. While the former's weapons are words — which, whether you agree with them or not, are yet to incite anyone to do actual harm to a human being — the latter think up, plot, and execute real destruction and violent deaths. A sarcastic mind like my own immediately begins to wonder, whether you are one of those Americans, who similarly equated Senator McCarthy's persecution of Communists (which resulted in, perhaps, several hundred people losing their jobs) with NKVD/KGB's actions (which killed several million and incarcerated many more).

Or, perhaps, you do not really equate the "Anti-Islam" with "bin Ladenists", but only wish, the former weren't quite so inflammatory... Well, this smacks of bigotry of lower expectations — if Americans aren't turning to murder and destruction (or even defacing of posters) over calls to stop supporting Israel, while would anyone other than a bigot expect Egyptians or Iranians to do that over calls to continue American help to the little country?

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John Frum wrote:BTW, liberals are happy to see Muslims use US flag as a mat. They recognize themselves in it. As I said before, Marxism is the philosophy of loot, Islam is the religion of loot, birds of a feather flock together.

Ahem Comrade Frum... We worry for your safety and your Rolex. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

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Red Rooster wrote:
John Frum wrote:BTW, liberals are happy to see Muslims use US flag as a mat. They recognize themselves in it. As I said before, Marxism is the philosophy of loot, Islam is the religion of loot, birds of a feather flock together.

Ahem Comrade Frum... We worry for your safety and your Rolex. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
I do worry for my safety because I know what's going on. I come from the only country in the world that has been 500 years Muslim and 50 years Communist. And I happened to be born in that exact blessed moment and place in the world. Can you guess which country is that?Because I worry for my safety I have decided to fight to death, and to have a lot to show. For the rolex I don't have to worry. Never had one, never plan to have one.I don't kiss my mother with this mouth because it's become unfeasible since 2003, but I do kiss a lot of girls with it. They find it pleasant.

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Comrades, as a proper prog I must say, I find the images posted here to be.. most exciting! Smashing and burning Hardees and KFC are perfect examples of the deepest wants and desires of our fellow progs of OWS! And using the American flag as a door mat is OHhh so edgy and progressive again lately, as my comrades down at the local coffee shop readily agree! So I salute our mooslim comrades for showing, leading the rest of the world on how proper progress of mankind is made! Ohhh, I simply cannot wait for the glorious world of Next Tuesday!! And it approaches quickly!