Nostalgic Progressive Haikus of 2008

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I have lost my Muse.
The words just don't come today.
F**k, sh!t, [email protected], hell, a$$.

Anyhoo, I've launched my own Blog. I do commentary on things in the news. I write as "malevolent friar" or some such...

It's at Righteous Rantings dot blogspot dot com.

Now I just have to see if Sasha the Dancing Gulag Bear is up to beating my Muse back into me...

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Barack Obama
He is our lord and Savior
Barack Obama

Obama proclaims
and the stock market
descends to nothingness

Comrade hope-n-change!
For the good of the children,
Spread my wealth around.

Sharia's not bad!
Must understand their culture.
Hussein will know how.

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DDR Kamerad wrote:
The Tsarevna wrote:Sucking sound nearby
Is Bill of Rights abort
Better buy guns now

No!no!no! we want
Unrestrained Control of the
Masses; guns taboo

Sicher, Komrade. Ich bemerkte, nur 3 Linie fuer Haiku... wie kann ich zeige, dass ich die Satire schreiben?

Then I gave up.

Do you miss the DDR? I found the smog that surrounded East Berlin was of a heavenly smell. The particles one could easily see in it testified that the Workers were more productive than their lazy capitalist neighbors. Now we can't protect our German comerades from the evil influence of materialism and greed....