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of the United Health Care System of the Americas.

"Clearly, the future is with United Global Front for
Healthcare, administered through a centralized
offshore office. It will solve all medical issues
for all the world's citizens. I, Health Kommissar
Leonid Fuku, am willing to address all things medical.
Ask your questions, but clearly state your Party
standing and location, or answers will not be

~ Doctor Fuku[/floatleft-nb]

Comrade Nanski on Health Care Reform

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Comrades! Joyous news! We are one step closer to the ever elusive World of Next Tuesday™!

https://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2009/05/1 ... 1172.shtml

Still, Mr. Obama and Pelosi acknowledged other financial strains on the federal government that cannot be ignored in the health care debate, namely social security and Medicare.

"Health care reform is entitlement reform," Pelosi said

Entitlement Reform. What is this crap? Comrades you have no idea how tempting it's been to sell off most of my goods and head to Alaska ahead of my glorious 3 year plan.

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Here's a good comment from that CBS news article:

Get the insurance companies out of the health care business!

single payer or nothing!

America wants healthcare not health insurance!
Posted by didserve at 1:20 PM : May 13, 2009

I can do even better.

America wants cars not car companies!

America wants houses not finance companies!

America wants energy not big energy companies!

America wants food not big food companies!

I could go on but that would be pointless. What America wants is the goods! Just give us the goods! Single payer or nothing! Uhh... Nothing? Single payer or nothing? Did I really say that? Oh well, just destroy them all and let the revolution sort it out.

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Soon we can all shop at the GUM store and have single payer choices for everything. Just imagine the glorious fast foot places the state would run. You could get a burger, a piece of chicken, a pizza, or a taco, and maybe a hotdog all under one roof. And it would ALL TASTE THE SAME in an amazing feat of liberal equalization!

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I read the article referred to by Colonel 7.62 and it's even more exciting! According to our Dear Leader "The Stars are Aligned!"

Here are his exact words:

"We've got to get it done this year," Mr. Obama said with respect to health care reform. Repeating himself for emphasis, the president said, "We've got to get it done this year. Both in the House and the Senate. We don't have any excuses. [HIGHLIGHT=#f79646]The stars are aligned."[/HIGHLIGHT]

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What's the point of running off to the wilds of Alaska to live in a cabin in the woods? When National Socialist Health Care comes to America, we'll all have to learn to pull our own teeth and perform minor surgery on ourselves anyway.