A Revolutionary Game Unlike Anything Else Known

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(Before we begin, a brief explanation: for those who don't know what it is, it's based off a game called Stardew Valley, an open-ended farming simulator RPG. I'm fond of it myself, and do reccomend it to anybody who asks. Coincidentally, you begin as a person who quits a crushing corporate job, and can plant beets in the game, so those jokes were too convenient not to crack. Also, an alternate title for this post was “Stardew Valley but it's Communist”, but it sounds too meme-y)

People of the Cube, Motherland Valley is not your ordinary kapitalist game. It's a game that is revolutionising the State-Approved game market. It is indeed unlike any other game known yet.

Hi, The People's Anthony Sullivan here to introduce you to Motherland Valley, a game where you can flesh out your socialist fantasies. I guarantee you can find no other as State-Approved as this one!

In this game, you begin as a meaningless prole in a kapitalist city. After reading a State-Approved letter from your grandfather, you move to your grandfather's beet field in The People's Pelican town, a glorious kollektive on the south coast of the great Motherland your grandfather lived in. Grow beets for the great Ferngill Motherland, befriend the neo-kulaks of The People's Pelican Town, forage for State-Approved goods, catch State-Approved fiish, restore the kommunity kollektive centre with State-approved magical creatures, mine for precious earth resources for the Motherland, indeed the State-approved possibilities are only limited by your State-approved imagination.

I guarantee you that there is no other game out there that lets you fulfil your deepest socialist fantasies, all in a State-Approved game. Many have tried, few have succeded even a bit in impressing the Bureau of Random-stuff-and-State-approved-stuff like this one.

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy of Motherland Valley today!! Don't wait (no seriously, you will be penalised if you don't), get it now!!