A Week In Politics: Boehner, Pelosi, Edwards

Who is this Rep. Boner, to think he may challenge and taunt our Speaker Nancy?? So he assumes to speak for the masses and demand a vote that Nancy refuses to allow??
The masses are irrelevant and the RethugliKKKans must be made to realize that the Party knows what's best for the proles and Neo-cons.
How dare he!! Who does he think he is??!!
May our Lord and Saviour, B. Hussein Obama give him (Boner) a Massive dose of Hope!! Then he will see the Light and realize the wisdom of following Progressive leaders and enjoy the benefits of State run Health Care to combat his rampant STDs.

I wonder if Bill has a new mattress in the back of his El Camino?

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Komrade Zarkof wrote:I wonder if Bill has a new mattress in the back of his El Camino?
My quess is that it still has astroturf.
Mr. Clinton just wanted to pass himself off as a good ol' boy when he told workers at a Louisiana truck plant that even he had once rattled around Arkansas in an El Camino with Astroturf in the back. It was "a real sort of Southern deal," drawled Mr. Clinton, who said of his decision to tack the synthetic cushioning atop the metal truck bed: "You don't want to know why, but I did."

Thank you for the clarification about the back of Bill's El Camino, Commissar Maksim.

It's interesting to note, that Bill commented on his ride in Louisiana at a truck plant. Could he have had another person riding shotgun with him, in his quest for poontang?? Did he put the Astroturf in the back to make his poontang hunting partner more comfortable at the Drive-in, when they were taking turns having some carnal fun in the back??

There could be only one answer to these questions. It had to have been Marshal Pupovich who was with Bill, when he was younger!

How many poodle stickers did Marshal Pupovich have on the passenger side door to commemorate his conquests?Did he ever become an ace?

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You comrades just won't let a sleeping dog lie will you?