Bush Returns to White House, Again Destroys Economy

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Comrades, this is just what the Party and Dear Leader have been telling you for decades, former president George W. Bush is a menace to our society.

President Obama was gracious enough to invite this nincompoop and his nincompoopette wife to the People's White House on Thursday for the unveiling of their official portraits (why are we putting pictures of these fools up anywhere but on dart boards?)

And look what happens the very next day:

Jobs report: Only 69,000 jobs added, jobless rate rises to 8.2%
Jim Pethokoukis called this a “huge miss” on Twitter, and he's right. Analysts expected the US economy to add 150,000 jobs in May. Instead, we saw only a net gain of 69,000 jobs, and the jobless rate went up slightly to 8.2%

U-3 (the topline jobless rate) went from 8.1% to 8.2%, the first increase of any kind in that measure since June 2011. The U-6 figure, which comprises all unemployed and marginally attached workers, rose from 14.5% to 14.8%.

In other words, this is an unmitigated flop.

Source: Hot Air

The chimp idiot Bush must've touched something in the White House when no one was looking and blew up the economy!

That must be it! Why wasn't someone assigned to watch him? Everyone knows what a nitwit he is - he is the kind of dolt who pulls a loose thread on a suit and the whole thing unravels. He must've pressed a button looking to summon the steward for coffee and instead fired a few million people.

We are just lucky the "nuclear football" is under armed guard or he would've taken it out to the Rose Garden and tried to punt it and blown up New Jersey or something. He wouldn't have blown up a damn stupid RED STATE, he would've blown up New Jersey! What a jerk!

All of the hard work Dear Leader Obama has put in the last three and a half years to fix the mess this clown made is now down the drain. All of it! He will have to start all over again with another Stimulus.

Then he will have to re-do health care again. I don't know if even someone as smart as Obama can do all this work in just four or six more years. Bush may have broken something really badly this time (are there cameras in the White House? Did anyone see what he touched?) and we may have to beg Obama to stay much, much longer to help us thru this mess. It will be a sacrifice, but I think he could be persuaded. Let us hope so.

But please Mr. President, I know how gracious and warm and loving and cuddly you always are, but please do not invite this Bush klutz to the White House again. The economy cannot take it.

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Just when we were starting to pull out of the economic tailspin created by the wasteful spending of Bush, he has to show up and snatch the controls away! I bet he snuck into the Oval Office and vetoed a half-dozen stimulus spending bills while nobody was looking!

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I think the photographers missed one little detail in the portrait - or photoshopped it out of the picture later...


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Any look at a rethug (for intel only) interweb page will show a stupid re-worked image of the devil "W". (spit) Only we know the current "truth".


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Al and Barry share a funny and a Leninade...

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Benedict Arnold Bush did it right in the open. He launched several of the dreaded “tax cut bombs". These have a delayed fuse mechanism. Things look good until your out of office, then the ship hits the sand. Kaboom!!!
Everything moves from the White House to the outhouse.
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Don't ya just love it when that ignoramus gets pawned by
Dear Leader's vastly superior intelligence.


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Dig4Utopia wrote:Don't ya just love it when that ignoramus gets pawned by Dear Leader's vastly superior intelligence.

Comrade Dig4Utopia,

As everyone knows, the Party Leadership keeps me in a straight-jacket, so I have no authority to issue medals or commendations, but IF I were to be let loose, I would give you a Star of Lenin/Marx for this masterpiece, which I infer to be a creation by you.

--KOOK (where is Houdini when I need his help?)

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This is terrible, all these people out of work. Don't they see how they're making Obama look bad? There ought to be a law. They're not helping Obama at all. Darned Republicans.