CAPTION & PHOTOSHOP: Obama, Guns, and Skeetergate

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To shame the non-believers, the White House released a photo of President Obama shooting a gun - with a warning that "the photograph may not be manipulated in any way."

However, knowing the proggish propensity to manipulate images, how do we know this picture hasn't been manipulated and that the original image didn't look like this?


The People's Cube collective responded to the challenge immediately.

Below is, perhaps, the best and largest collection of Obama bitterly clinging to his gun and clay pigeons...

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Comrade Square, how can you be positive that this manipulation does not "in any way suggest approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House"??

It is a good thing you didn't Photoshop a fly onto the photo!

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"No, Mr. President. Again, when you shout "pull," the clay pigeon flies up in an arc. The object of skeet is to aim up and hit it at the top of it's arc. You're not supposed to shoot Joe."

Obanana: "It's okay. It's just his head."

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The Christian thing about Obama is his weapons are Holy.

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THIS is how stupid Obama and his handlers think you are:

The White House has released a picture purporting to show Barack Obama “skeet shooting” at Camp David. — An activity he claims he does “all the time.”

Obama skeet shooting edited2.jpg


Obama and tank.jpg

Skeet targets are launched up into the sky. Notice the moron shown in the photo above is shooting straight ahead.

Our nation requires a president. Notice the moron shown in the photo above.

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To quote a knowledgeable friend:

"For someone who "shoots all the time" as Obama claims, there are some SERIOUS problems with this pic.
First off, his stance is HORRIBLE. The elbow of his stock arm is WAY too low and the butt of the stock is way too high on his shoulder.
Secondly, his line of sight is too low.
Also, he's not leaning forward enough, his cheek is too tight to the stock and his stance is too narrow and he should be leaning forward from the waist.
In other words, this is a person who has hardly, if ever, shot a shotgun. Shooting all the time like this would make for a very bruised and sore cheek and shoulder regularly. So much for his "I shoot skeet all the time" load of BS.
There is also no sign of any recoil. The shotgun is a magnaported Browning Citori, so the blast from the top of the barrel would be correct, BUT, modern ammo does NOT smoke like that. That means that these are either black powder blanks, or the smoke is photoshopped. This is nothing more than a posed and possibly photoshopped photo-op to fool the fools.

Rock on, president poseur!"

The comments on Michelle Malkin's Facebook page are also delightful :)

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Image President Obama said, "I used to do skeet-shooting all the time, but I didn't like the taste of seet, so my huntin' buddies introduced me to snipe hunting and taught me the two most importnt things: First, how to lure the snipes into firing range by making the special call "Heeerrree, snipe" while walking though the woods, and Second, keep my finger on the trigger with my gun-barrel pointed toward the ground immediately in front of me."


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You should't have a gun, Mr. President Obama -- You'll shoot your eye out.


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stop the bull.jpg
Stop the bull, shoot him again he is still moving.

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He will want to pump that a few more times if he wants to get any distance.


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I never knew that Presidential clay pidgeons were launched at head level...

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Original image found! Pre photoshopped-photoshopped image before it was re-photoshopped and released to the useful tools of the propaganda corps.


Obama Fudd?

Caption should read: "Gangsta At Work".

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Various angles used with shotguns: ducks / geese, skeet / clay pigeons, Republicans...

This is an absolute travesty. No vest, no shells, no skeet field even. I'm sure this pic will be the leading topic of discussion at my club tomorrow. No trap shooter in his right mind would stand on a post next to him, or be able to stop laughing at this con job. Who is that behind those Dark sport glasses anyway? Remember the video of Bill Clinton walking passed the cameras with that dead mallard? And then we got John F-ing Kerry buying his non resident license and Bird stamp in Iowa. Amusement factor on that one was in negative figures. Sticking him in that pic of Dukcarcass in the tank turret reminds me. Put up your search bar and type in "macho skeet". You'll like what you see.

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Thanks to C. Dunn for the idea!

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Do not edit or manipulate this truthful image of actual events...


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Peoples Cube Photoshop of Obama Shooting Gun Causes Riots

After President Obama confided to the American people that he "shoots skeets all the time," Americans naturally longed to see a picture of their Leader doing so, and therefore, to accomodate such understandable desires by his adoring subjects, the White House published a picture of President Obama shooting his gun even though his aim seemed dangerously low for shooting skeets, but in publishing such photo, the White House also decreed that no one could modify or use the photograph in any manner other than to honor the President. Naturally, the infamous Red Square, the inventor of the ingenious Peoples Cube an the First Among Equals at ThePeoplesCube.Com dared to create a photoshopped version of such photograph that mocked the President, which action, of course, caused widespread riots and also enraged all Progressive Americans, who then immediately demanded justice for this transgression. Promptly thereafter, Law Enforcement authorities apprehended the infamous photoshopper. When right-wingers and tea-party types staged mass demonstrations against such arrest and protested to the State Department, Hillary Clinton, who was still cleaning out her drawers (from a panic attack) issued a terse, nunc pro tunc statement scolding the protestors by asking: "What, at this point, does it matter?" https://PoliticalXray.Com created this video about https://ThePeoplesCube.Com .

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The photo is such a refreshing change from the usual hagiographic gallery of shots that portray Obama as constantly on the phone with someone (apparently that's supposed to prove that he's really, really hard at work on something very, very important), or otherwise just standing around staring into space as if he has no idea what he's supposed to be doing.

Granted, he seems to have no idea what he's doing in this photo, either—but at least there's some sense of action.

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Obama joins The Chairman Mao's Lonely Hearts Swim Club.


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From The Looking Spoon - "The rest of the story."

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Comrade Square, that's a mighty peculiar, if somewhat startled, look upon the Chairman's face - there may be more going on than we realize, below the surface (as usual).

It's a pity that Comrade T. Kennedy is no longer among the living, is it not?

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skeet shooting.jpg

So, you have seen the People's Cube skeet shooting photoshops?

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According to a new press-release from the White House, President Obama has signed an Executive Order formally Decreeing that "It's patently insufficient to merely mock photoshopping mockers of The President courageously waging warfare with inferior weaponry and severe ammunition limitations against The Skeets (often known as gun-nuts, National Reich Activists, Self-Defense Fanatics, Scissors-Rejectionists, Rejectors of Duck and Cover, Conservatives, Tea-Party types, Rednecks, Farmers without red necks, and, worst of all, Republicans), so I've hereby Ordered that in order to end these outrageous transgressions, the DOJ must arrest and prosecute all who transgress on The President's SOPA and PIPA IP, after which Organizers for America will hire lawyers to also sue their pants off."



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Not enough bitter in that there cling. Seriously.

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And after some Skeet it's time for some Choom. What is Skeet without Choom?

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Dedhedvedev wrote:I hear Obama is an expert Marx-man.

Comrade Dedhedvedev,

A bull's-eye for you (on your back, of course, as is The Party Custom for all members of the Proletariat):


Here's an un-photoshopped picture of President Obama practicing his Marxmanship by shooting SKEETS: Subversive Kulaks Eschewing Each Tuesday's Sychophanticficationism.

Comrade Dedhedvedev, it's a good thing you're low in the picture and facing him so he can't see that target on your back for your "Bull's Eye" (sometimes known as Hitting the Nail on the Head).

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And another collection from various sources:






















Glorious Leader is an expert at everything!
He's a natural.

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I remember the time I was fortunate enough to be asked to go skeet shooting with his O'liness. His marxmanship made such an impression on me that I incorporated the event into my own website design.


I was most honored when Obama asked me to act like William Tell's son and hold up my shovel for him to shoot at. I'll spare you the details but I will say how grateful I am for Obamacare.

You can also see the graphic here however since it was designed with inner-party members in mind it's only visible with display resolution higher than 1440, so as usual most proles are out of luck.

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Comrade Maksim, truly a most equally glorious graphic!

Being guitar oriented, I recently upgraded my Soviet era monitor with SovTek™ vacuum tubes, which I pilfered liberated from two of my old Soviet guitar amps, and I'm proud to say that I now have a 1920 x 1280 display on my monitor. Now, being from the motherland and all, each pixel only displays a somewhat limited amount of light, since all SovTek™ tubes were fully equalized back in the day, and as they age the clarity drops equally in all, monitored - can you guess? - of course by none other than Laika the Space Dog from orbit, where she redistributes vacuum power to the tubes as needed to keep things fully equal world-wide.

All of which to say, I pretty much have to turn out most of the lights in the house, but once I do I can see your graphic in all its glorious splendor (just a bit faded).

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Excellent design, Maksim! You are making the collective proud.

In other news, a transmission from Laika the Space Dog something prompted me to take a second look at the picture of the unidentified shooter on the infamous grassy knoll...


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This is sad day in the history of Peoples Propaganda.... I actually popped a cockled tear in my hurt and disgust.... and to think... just today Comrade Obama reached out for a kinda, gentler NFL with no concussions.... we should be ashamed... I can't stop crying....

Your Cockled Commissar,


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Don't get rid of the flies! Don't do it!


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Poor Obama. Everybody's known for years and years he loves shooting those skeet thingermabobbers. You all are terrible. Stop it! Stop it!

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Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Air Rifle

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Et Tu, Barry?

2001: Nous sommes tous americains!

2006: We are all Harry Whittington!

2013: We are all skeet!

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I always wondered why that shotgun was in the picture with Patty Hearst.