Congressional Victim Shaming

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House Democrat tells female colleagues the way they dress is 'an invitation' for harassment

(Please note, the link is from CNN, it has to be true)


From The People's Cube files of "It's not wrong if we do it" news... Female democrats are now blaming victims for dressing like they are tramps and whores asking to be abused.

Ohio Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur stood up and told her colleagues Wednesday that "too many members dress inappropriately" and it's "an invitation" to be harassed, according to three Democratic sources familiar with the discussion.

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Some cultures have found a way to prevent women from dressing like sluts. Just sayin'.


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Imaginary sexual harassment of Nancy Pelosi can be a necessary and fulfilling adjunct to life under Trump, particularly when it involves fantasy role-playing scenarios, such as kidnapping or forced interrogation, provided of course that all participants are willing and disease-free, and have agreed on what we call a safe word, for example, "palomino."


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Miley Cyrus is not an elected Democrat representative, although she may think she is. Here is a photo she may present as evidence of being sexually harassed by Satan and collect a hefty settlement.

This episode occurred right after she burned the Bible on stage and was twerking over the flames.


In fact, I'm sure a lot of progressive women (aka femprogs) have been sexually harassed by Satan, which made them feel first elated, then humiliated. Is it time to write a story about Satan resigning from office amid allegations of sexual impropriety?

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A comment on our FB thread:

I've been saying this forever. Dress for the job you want! If you get a different offer than you expected, perhaps you need to re-evaluate your approach.

If a man accidentally leaves his fly open, he is practically charged with indecent exposure.
You want sexual freedom, then expect the consequences.