Dear Leader's plans for Internet Access

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Dear Leader's plan togive some beet fields access to the internet. This is great since there is not enough beets in the internet to feed the oppressed.

Not only that, Dear Leader made a browser that will give more information to the IRS and NSA that will help the most unfortunate. It will give easier access to the People's Cube, since it will always open to the People's Search as a home page, no alternatives.

Now you are wondering, why would I want the People's Search as a search engine? Well, we will give you much freedom to search your hearts desire, but only with approved sites.

We are working on a social media for everyone who just are not part of the collective. It is called "The People's Plot". It is where everyone can talk to anyone ™ . Not to worry about companies taking your info, we will keep our database about you in the collective. This makes it easier for you to join the Collective.


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Such a brilliant tactician is our Dear Leader that - in a single week - he has graciously provided 2 years of tuition free edumacations at community colleges and traveled to Cedar Falls to advocate on behalf of high speed internet access to our communication deprived beet fields! What a guy!

"Cedar Falls is Iowa's only gigabit city, which means the highest-speed broadband fiber with capacity of up to 1 gigabit per second is installed directly to its homes and businesses. It's the gold standard of Internet communications."

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This is glorious news indeed! Dear leader is one clever individual. Why he has made the greatest leap in collective history.
  1. First by offering 2 years of tuition free education.
  2. Phasing out typical community college programs and replacing them with a “Hope and Change” cross cultural playing game (HCPG), completely on line.
  3. Combine this with free internet where students can work on a vast array of role playing games programs while insisting allowing games courses to be more consistent with party approved education disciplines at a lower price per student.
Yes Comrades, we can make young America, the way we should.

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I am torn by these initiatives from Dear Leader. On the one hand, since college campus rapes are epidemic according to Sandra Fluke ... 1399905119

...won't free college mean even more rape?

On the other hand, high speed internet will enhance porn downloading.

If only marijuana were legalized.

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Soviet Mike Komsomolets wrote:I am torn by these initiatives from Dear Leader. On the one hand, since college [highlight=#ffff00]campus rapes[/highlight] are epidemic according to Sandra Fluke ... 1399905119

...won't free college mean even more rape?

On the other hand, high speed internet will [highlight=#ffff00]enhance porn[/highlight] downloading.

If only [highlight=#ffff00]marijuana were legalized[/highlight].

Comrade Mike,

They Have It All...

I predict a surge of enrollment applications at CCCOnline: Colorado Community College on Line!

Soviet Mike Komsomolets wrote:If only marijuana were legalized.


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Comrade Craptek, you may find it interesting that CCC offers a course that looks at Conservative Christian values ... -behavior/

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Prog Off.png

Thanks for the tip. The link you gave is incorrect, but I found the course through search. Note the section I highlighted in yellow. Some might call it an unfortunate choice of words. Ironic, isn't it?

SOC 231 Sociology of Deviant Behavior 1, 2 9781269617499 Deviant Behavior (Custom Edition) Thio 11th Pearson OPT This is a digital content course. An optional hard copy text is available. The custom text is loose-leaf and [highlight=#ffff00]may require the use of a large binder[/highlight].

Will Dear Leader offer to pay for the first two years of such gloriously fast internet access? 1 gigabeet is truly astonishing.

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Dear Leader with his brilliant plan by ordering the attack of twitter and youtube accounts then asking about cybersecurtity for the sakeof the children. You know that the children need to be protected by the government from free thinkers and capitalists. Why else would we be able to control the internet? We still have problems with those pesky groups like Anonymous and Drudge. Once the bill passes we can silence those groups once and for all.