Hillary Clinton to Play Boss in New Season of 'The Office'

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The wildly popular comedy series "The Office" has just been given an injection of hilarity with Hillary Clinton's decision to show off her talents as "World's Best Boss" in the tenth season of the multi-award-winning show. Producers believe that the previously organic succession of Dunder Mifflin's incompetent but lovable managers - from Michael Scott to Robert California to Andy Bernard - will be seamlessly completed by the former Secretary of State, who is expected to bring with her plenty of baggage and surprising international connections.


Rebranding the show as "Hillary Clinton Office," the coming new season already has a website,, which provides enough eye-popping teasers to have fans salivating, but gives away few spoilers.

Unhappy with her position as a provincial branch manager, the new boss is going to pull one clever trick after another - including bankruptcy and subsequent government bailout of her paper supply company - in order to move her office out of Joe Biden's native Scranton, Pennsylvania, into Washington, D.C.

In a slight departure from the original setting, the series moves on to present a hilarious documentary-style look at the humorous, and sometimes poignant, foolishness that plagues the world of government employees in high places.

Although the show's original writers and producers are all unexpectedly resigning due to recent job offers they couldn't refuse, everyone is confident that the series will continue to make people laugh with improvisational reprisals of Hillary's amusing "Reset Button" mishaps, hysterical bimbo eruptions, comically missing real estate records, embarrassing cattle futures, wacky donations from Norman Hsu (pronounced as "shoe" - that's comedy gold!), awkwardness of the Arab Spring, the uproarious Benghazi testimony, and many more hilarious misadventures involving falls, concussions, flying lamps, stolen silverware, and computer keyboards with missing "W" buttons.

But there's more. Just as with the recent request to help Hillary come up with a title for her new book, fans are encouraged to send suggestions about the content of the upcoming episodes, as well as which characters they would like to see more of, and who should be fired.

To submit your ideas for the upcoming season of the Hillary Clinton Office comedy show, go to and click on the "Contact" button.

You can also post your ideas in the comments below.


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The glorious first episode should be about a bunch of peaceful religious zealots who accidentally set the office on fire one night because they thought a film they hate was being shown inside (in reality, it was just a Barack Obama screen saver on someone's PC!) The police call Hillary at home at 3am but they can't wake her up because she is passed out drunk.

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Obama is getting his own show as well.

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Comrade Putout,

After The Office is moonlighting: Boss Hillary is knowledgeable of more than beet vodka!

Hillarys Bar.jpg

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Remember, this is Hillary Clinton: someone innocent will wind up dead.

They should call the show "The Orifice," being the pathetic a-hole that Clinton is.

Endorsed by J. Christopher Stevens.

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Take a look at that clock on his wall, there is not a better timepiece that exsists to let the peasants know when it is time to break out your bottles and toss off a snort or two.

Well done comrade putout!

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Though I realize that Hillary and her show are all just a show I can't help but wonder what the business she manages does and how it makes money?

Her company is like one of those people who have no visible means of support and yet always has the money and time to do whatever they want. Perhaps an episode where one of her employees suddenly gets a spark of self-awareness and after a eureka moment while eating at his favorite restaurant realizes that the employees at the restaurant go to work to accomplish something real, not to simply get together for the day to socialize and collect a pay check and bennies. He valiantly tries to get to the bottom of just what it is the company he works for and the flurry of activity which Hillary directs it is all about. Will he find out? Or will it remain a big mystery that will remain the buzz of the nation?

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Mother Goose Story About The Story That Cube Wrote

The Washington Times picked up this story from the People's Cube.

James Taranto of Wall Street Journal tweeted the link to the story that The Washington Times picked up from the People's Cube.

Instapundit retweeted the Tweet that James Taranto of Wall Street Journal tweeted about the story that The Washington Times picked up from the People's Cube.


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The People's Comrade is totally creeped out

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ThePeoplesComrade wrote:The People's Comrade is totally creeped out


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The People's Comrade is "feeling" like a Renaissance man. And in my search of scientific breakthoughs (one of my many and varied talents), I have decoded Obama's DNA. We found an inordinate amount of progressive junk DNA.

obama dna.jpg

And after a hard night of research and discovery ....

        Mystery item No. 1

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Look how happy Darryl is with his new office party prize!


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The Peoples Comrade - you may now enter... the room!

        Mystery item No. 2

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revising policy2.jpg
Management is frantically revising policies and procedures.

political antics.jpg
The Hillary Office where political antics abound.

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hillary drones.jpg

Do you, John Brennan, swear to use drones to clean out the Hillary Office?

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I know you want these images of yourself Comrade...



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Comrade Putout wrote: I know you want these images of yourself Comrade...
Meredith? Is that you?

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Comrade Putout wrote: I know you want these images of yourself Comrade...
They are already in the people's scrapbook.


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ThePeoplesComrade wrote:
Comrade Putout wrote: I know you want these images of yourself Comrade...
They are already in the people's scrapbook.

I hope they didn't include this one... those were indeed dark days.
(Nice sweater... looks good on you!)


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Plenty of those photos to go around - a dark time indeed!

Talk about a wild night...

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First of all... my breasts have never been that pointy!



OK... maybe at one time they were!


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Ah, the old glory days of dead drops, Putin and Putout.

putin and putout original.jpg

I kept a page out of the old manual.

Spycraft manual2.jpg

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ThePeoplesComrade wrote:Ah, the old glory days of dead drops, Putin and Putout.

Yes I remember that drop spot/restaurant like it was yesterday!


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Do you guys remember when Rush made a cameo?

No... me either!

The Peoples Comrade is on a roll today!

I miss Chedoh...


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False alarm...
The Peoples Comrade was just messin' with me.

Now he's in trouble and probably shorter than it seems.

We won an Emmy for our cameo roles in The Office!

The Peoples Comrade is as tall as Dwight...
and better looking!


What's with this 'left /left' thingy?!!

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Comrade Putout wrote:
What's with this 'left /left' thingy?!!

A splendid question, Comrade Putout (may I call you May?) - particularly because "left" is the default here on TheCube™. I could see a 'right /right' thingy, but why repeat the default??

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slys elevator-shoes.jpg

Sly Stallone & The People's Comrade endorse Elevator Shoes

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TPC - those elevator dress shoes really do work!


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What a Handsome Collection of photos of The HillaMonster Our Former "First 'Lady' Senator Clinton Secretary Clinton 4th in The Line Of Succession - Formerly 4th In Line Of Succession! Our collective fervently hopes that there are no photos of "[highlight=#ff0000]Her[/highlight]" meeting with The Muslim Brotherhood, al-Queda, or Wimpublicans!

Is it too late to send a Valentine to "Her"?