His O'Liness returns to Texas for BBQ!

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Obama to raise cash for Dems at Texas BBQ dinner

July 9th, Dear Leader (PBUH) will return to Dallas for a Barbecue and fundraiser! The main course will certainly consist of Dallas resident George Bush, served in a light Ted Cruz sauce.

As always, prices in Dallas are slightly higher than elsewhere in the state. Opening price for a "measured servings" of a plate go between $10,000 and $32,400 (this better be some damn fine chow...) As a sideshow, he is bringing Nanski Peloski with him...

I can hardly wait! the thoughts of the traffic snarls, the gratuitous feeding of table scraps to some homeless waif, and of course the inspirational off the cuff (of the teleprompter) pontifications of the Leader of the Free world until he can change it just makes my heart go pitty-pat...

I'll be taking up a collection to fund my travel and dinner ticket (the high-end $32,400 dinner with extra dessert and the open bar, not that plastic plate and flatware with a cash-bar dinner again, dammit!) and maybe some per-diem for my troubles.

Dig Deep, Comrades, it's for the Party!

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Comrade Tovarichi,

Now that I'm a major contributor to OFA and CPUSA I expect to meet Marc Stanley some day for a lite lunch in the tea room. Nice place, isn't it?