Jihad the Musical

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It was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last August, so we thought this was a UK production. But their website says all the authors and performers are New Yorkers. Why isn't it performed in New York then? The answer is blowing in the wind coming out of Broadway's big culturally sensitive behind.

Just watch the video.


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Viewing this video has made me an accessory to the circulation of intolerant hate-filled filth and therefore makes me a very, very bad person. Never before in my life have I ever been so offended. Why, the last time I was this offended was when I saw school children pledging allegiance to the blood soaked flag of the American Empire. Yes, this video is that bad.

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I am concerned, yes, for I was not offended other than by the singing. The women were properly covered, Now I must wonder if I am in need of a refresher course.

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They should have called me for their props.


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You shouldn't make fun of the Religion of Peace (Islam). It isn't right, and it hurts people's feelings. They don't make fun of your religion. Don't you know, they wouldn't squish a bug. You should read the Koran and become more informed, instead of listening to people.

I'm so disappointed in you.

(Pinkie off)

I need one of those pink burqas to spice up my marriage. Imagine the look on my male oppressor's face when he comes home, and I greet him at the front door dressed for some hot jihadin'!

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I wanna be famous for killing people too! Lucky Osama....

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It has been removed from liveleak already, however, I found it here. View it quickly comrades, before it is lost again. Sadly, the last line says Defend Our Freedoms.... as the video is pulled left and right out of fear. ... 8312745410