Merry Christmas from Merkel's Muslims

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Mutter Merkel has invited millions of Muslims - practitioners of the religion of peace - into Europe to share their culture and customs with Christian Europeans.

Sometimes our Christian heritage is very hard for these poor, Muslim refugees to understand, so they behave somewhat differently during this season of good tidings, love and sharing.

For that reason, we must reassure our Muslim friends that they are safe in our presence - the rapes, murders, rampages and unfortunate truck accidents do not dissuade us at all from inviting them to share their wonderful culture and customs with us, our families and our children.


Angela Merkel assures fearful Muslims that the German flag will not be tolerated in Germany!


Angela Merkel celebrates Christmas in her own way - a little too much Eierlikör und Ecstasy...


Frohe Weihnachten von Merkels Muslime

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From the Fakultät für Interkulturelle Relativitätstheorie der Weltbürgerlichen Fortschrittsstiftung
i. e. the Department of Intercultural Relativity Theory of the World Citizenry Progress Foundation
(Berlin, im Tiefkeller des Bundeskanzleramtes ‒ in Underground Cellar of the Federal Chancellery),
Well, you have to understand. The Germans still don't get it. They have learned nothing, despite ample real-life lessons given.
Why would they provoke ‒ all those Weihnachtsmärkte (Christmas Winter Holiday markets) in every city, right in the very center, usually on Rathausplatz ‒ the Townhall Square.
Called Christkindlmarkt (Baby Jesus(!) market), all decorated with angels, nativity scenes, stars of straw and Tannenbaum, and people eating Pfefferkuchen (haram!) and drinking Glühwein (haram!haram!haram!).

now conclusion:
Look, if there were no Christkindlmärkte ‒ then nobody could speed a truck, or even a kiddie tricycle "into" such. Is there none, you can't "drive into" it. Or "light it" on fire. Or bomb "it". It's logical, isn't it?

plus last remark:
See, if Islam ‒ real Islam ‒ were taught in schools, kids would know of the impropriety of those "Christ" provocations. Also they would know how these infuriate Allah, PBUH, and enrage not few of His, PBUH, true believers.
And they would tell their parents, right? they would tell them ‒ Don't go to "Christkindl", it's haram, PBUM.
And than the capitalistic merchant vermin, with all its Glühwein and Engelchen and Tannenbaum, it would automatically vanish, right? Quashed by proletariat, under the green Sharia-flag of PBUH.

(the No.2 in this)

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So comrade Genosse, as our German correspondent, how is Krautland scoring on the UNITKRP-v 2.0? Already at 10/10?

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Minitrue wrote:... how is Krautland scoring on the UNITKRP-v 2.0? Already at 10/10?
I must admit, near astonished yet true to life, Die Große Vorsitzende aka Frau Dr. Merkel failed on UNITKRP 2.0 #3 (Dear Leader's statement to exclude word "Islam").

It is upon you, esteemed Comrade "Brusselaise" Minitrue (and, indeed, upon all likewise esteemed Readers) to ponder if that, somewhat surprising outcome might have resulted from any, or a combination of, the following factors (listed in arbitrary order) :

pending election-2017 in Germany (fall 2017, date yet tbd)
M already nominated as (single) candidate of the RINO-party (CDU/CSU), for Bundeskanzler
M eerily resembles Ma'am Inevitable (so-called experience, stiff, aloof, so-called good polls)
our "Deplorables" here are enraged - no explanation needed, it's "Trump Momentum" 2.0
the (3 y old) AfD is the single opposition, and the only one addressing Germany's "wrong track"
our RINO-party, and the Soc/Green/Red rest copy AfD - verbally, since months (election!)
as things look now (repeat: now), RINO/AfD might split the vote, likely making Soc/Green/Red - already self-declaring as block - the winner (with barely a mandate, only stinky luck).

To be precise, M in her statement (14 hours after the attack, and investigation groping largely in the dark) didn't utter "Islam" at all - she said it was an "act of terror". Means, "Islam" neither confirmed nor denied. (by now, ISIS laid claim for the "operation".) (and killer(s) on the run.)

And so, UNITKRP 2.0 : Brandenburger Tor already in schwarz-rot-gold, Progressive Church (= Evangelical) in joint ceremonies with Imams, ... , and AfD-as-Messenger under sniping barrage, plus surely there is already some feel-good #hashtag - summa summarum, 10/10 of UNITKRP 2.0 near complete.


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Minitrue wrote:pic : < Frau Dr. Merkel with medal >_(above)
Hint for Kube newcomers :
See the Angela Merkel Medal in its full glory, courtesy of Comrade Minitrue.

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Minitrue wrote:Image

So is that little doll 'Terrorist on a Shelf'?

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Minitrue wrote:

Please, Angela, just don't dance...


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[color=#C0392B]Clara Illbustyourballs Zetkin[/color] had a great idea when she wrote:
Minitrue wrote:Image

[highlight=#ffff00]So is that little doll 'Terrorist on a Shelf'?[/highlight]
Merry Christmas!

Image .
Your turn...

Image .

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bada bing bada boom :


zoom in :

        Mystery item No. 1

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Das tut richtig weh. _It really hurts. __ (so good is your Evil concept, Smiley.)