UN Islamic Terror Korrekt Response Protocol 2.0

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These are dark times indeed...

If you do not know how to react after the terrible events in Orlando, please refer to the United Nations Islamic Terror Korrekt Response Protocol version 2.0 (UN-ITKRP v2.0). Your nation's response will be given a score based on the korrektness™ of your actions (maximum score: 10/10).


1. It has nothing to do with Islam.
Every citizen of the affected country has to repeat the sentence "It has nothing to do with Islam" at least 15 times a day, even if the perpetrator made it clear he did it for Islam and the attack was applauded by Islamic terror organisations all over the world.

GOOD RESPONSE: in general, not all data collected yet.

2. Change the color of landmark buildings
Owners of landmark buildings should make a colorful reference to the victims (a projection of the nation's flag colours or similar).

World Trade Center, other landmarks around the world display rainbow colours

3. Dear Leader's statement to exclude word "Islam"
If you are the nation's Dear Leader, it is mandatory to make a speech about the events without using the words "Muslim" or "Islam" in a negative or accusatory way (this is hard and requires an especially skilled Dear Leader).

Obama Ignores Radical Islamic Terrorism Connection, Calls for Gun Control

4. Avoid being called Islamophobe
Members of the victimised group (artists, satirists, or, in this instance, gay people) should make extra effort to be apologetic towards Muslims, lest they be forever branded as Islamophobes.

Milo On Breitbart News Sunday: Islam ‘The Single Greatest Threat To Western Civilization'

5. Imagine all the people...
If you are a well-known musician, you are obligated to perform a tear-jerking cover of Imagine by John Lennon five times a day in a public space.

BAD RESPONSE: Not yet happened.

6. Progressive crackdown on political opponents
If you are a social justice organisation, you have to use the nation's paralysis to crack down on your political and ideological opponents, never letting a good crisis go to waste.

CAIR Responds To Pulse Massacre By Ejecting Reporter From Press Conference
Facebook Deletes Pamela Geller's ‘Stop Islamization Of America' Page After Orlando Attack
Reddit Mods Delete Orlando Shooting Posts Because Attacker Was Muslim

7. Media: blame gun owners, not Muslims
All media outlets: if the initial cover-up of an Islamic attack fails, focus your stories on the "dangers of Islamophobia," claiming that the tragedy would have been prevented by anti-gun laws, and that more Muslim immigration is the only way to avoid future Islamic terrorism.

NBC ‘Law Enforcement Expert' Blamed Orlando Terror Shooting on Anti-Gay ‘White Hate Groups'
Joy Reid on FL Shooting: ‘The Core Issue' Is ‘How Easy it Is To Get A Gun'

8. Islamic response
Muslim clerics, oganisations, or nations: display half-hearted attempts at an apology. Your words will change nothing, so nobody really cares as long as the optics are there.

Florida Imam on Orlando Terror: ‘Stop The Mass Shootings That Are Happening All the Time'

9. Doublethink
People who can read: use advanced Doublethink™ to ignore all written evidence in the Islamic holy texts that call for a relentless war against unbelievers.

GOOD RESPONSE: in general, not all data collected yet

10. Shoot the messenger
Politicians and media figures alike should proclaim that people who warn against Islamic terrorism are actually causing it.

GOOD RESPONSE: in general, not all data collected yet

* * *

If a maximum korrektness score is achieved, a nation's rank in the Korrektnes Scale will be re-evaluated depending on the Korrekt Response's speed and intensity and based on subjective decisions by the UN jurors.

The USA has scored a good 8/10 so far; we will keep monitoring the situation.

The high scores at the moment are 10/10 for Belgium and France (thanks to the latest Islamic terror attacks), with maximum korrektness achieved within 35 hours and 42 hours respectively, thus providing a shining example for the world to follow.

Sad greetings,

Brussels, EU


My sincere condolences to the victims of this act of terror.
I'd like to say I hope this was the last one, but I'm afraid that would be naive.

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One of the first steps in the healing process is to create a solidarity ribbon to post on social media. The most difficult task is choosing the emoticon that best expresses your heartfelt sentiment. For the Children™

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Thank you comrade Biff! The emotional ribbons in social media will be added as a "bonus point" in the next version of the UN-ITKRP v2.0!

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That most remarkable enumeration has a quality which deserves the glorious name of UN Ten Commandments.

And as Quranic culture teaches that no human work is without a flaw1, here is the single omission my flawed mind was able to spot :

1. Every citizen of the affected country has to repeat the sentence "It has nothing to do with islam" at least 15 times a day, even if the perpetrator made it clear he did it for islam and the attack was applauded by islamic organisations all over the world.
... needs an addition : in doing so, each (at least) 15 times a day, the kafir™ has to bow deeply towards Mecca.

Here the ISO UN/ISL-M-2016 leisure and formal variants :



1 An insight, each of us kuffar™ can sincerely applaud and fully confirm. In islamic art, that insight has a consequence - practised by rug weavers (and laudable, in its symbolic strength) : each rug must have a slight error woven in its, usually highly intricate, ornament.

P.S. Those with attention span going back to ancient 2009/2010 will remember the pics above - yep, Ed Morrissey's header for his "Obamateurism of the Day" HotAir transmissions.

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Minitrue wrote:Thank you comrade Biff! The emotional ribbons in social media will be added as a "bonus point" in the next version of the UN-ITKRP v2.0!
In all fairness to UN-ITKRP v2.0, this response falls under the purview of the Five Pillars of Feeling.

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Five Pillars of Feeling? Please re-educate me comrade biff.

On second thought, you are right: the wearing of ribbons and t-shirts and the like should have a place in UN-ITKRP v2.0.

Are there other omissions? Please contribute them before the re-write by the proles in the Propaganda Department!

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Well done, Comrade Biffinaditch. The crime as reprehensible as it may seem is not technically acts of terrorism, but rather lack of understanding to our glorious progressive ideals. However, I do agree with your concept that this ribbon would be a wonderful edition to honor those fallen victims. Even better is the fact that is fails to mention the nationality or religious beliefs of the individual involved in the shooting. I also admire President Hussein Obama for attempting to raise the current level of political discourse, I am sure he would agree that these ribbons when worn on uniforms of all GS4 employees would also make a fine statement when greeting and transporting illegal's at border crossings. It would certainly replace a lot of hand signals to OTM ™ (other than Mexicans), besides I simply couldn't live with myself knowing that somewhere out there in the desert, someone was going through unspeakable torture just to sneak illegally into this great melting pot of ours some of which infused with visions of sixty virgins dancing in their heads as we just don't recognize the concept of religious sanctuary. Although I wonder if the shooter had consumed the favorite beverage of Jihadis everywhere: Sunni Delight ™ Mecca style ™ .

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Minitrue wrote:Five Pillars of Feeling? Please re-educate me comrade biff.

On second thought, you are right: the wearing of ribbons and t-shirts and the like should have a place in UN-ITKRP v2.0.

Are there other omissions? Please contribute them before the re-write by the proles in the Propaganda Department!


What you're asking of me, to be emotionally detached and think, is antithetical to the Five Pillars. Now if there's a sign you can point out that I can honk my horn at, I'm your man.


Sneak illegally? The sacrifice of OTMs™, doing what they can to save the American taxpayer the expense of a justice-involved incident, should be lauded.

Comrade Biff

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Just a couple of weeks ago, a four year old fell into a gorilla pit and they had to shoot the gorilla to save the child. If the parents had the slightest inkling the kid would slip away from them that quickly and do what he did, of course they would have stopped him, but no matter. People still pilloried the parents and demanded they be charged with whatever crime could be trumped up.

Now the father of this shooter says his religion had nothing to do with what happened; if he'd ever had the slightest inkling his son had been radicalized and was planning to do this, of course he would've stopped him. People now believe we should totally take his word for it and place all blame squarely on the NRA.

These are the same people who all but excuse Oswald for taking out the leader of the free world because he happened to blurt out that he was "just a patsy." You don't need to be a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to conclude from those three whiny words that some Vast Right Wing Conspiracy forced him to do it.

You just need to be Prog.

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Something has been eating at me all morning, a feeling there was a glaring omission in my original post. Then it came to me - All the victims of this horrible tragedy should have equal representation. Not just the random folk, but the exemplary people of the Umma that have to live in constant fear of backlash. A special thanks to Comrades Miniature and Trashmouth for awakening the feeling all are equal. I know it's too little too late but tonight my green-hued porch light will shine for the forgotten victims of gun violence.

Comrade Biff

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I wonder if this was the kiss that set Omar off?

Even though I am doing his/her work (Comrade Putout), I do not expect his/her beet rations. Thank you.


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As the Cube's only convert to Islam and therefore its leading scholar on Islamic history, I congratulate you, Minitrue, on your brilliant post. This radical Muslim jihadist had nothing to do with Islam. In fact, did you know that Sura 9:30, "The Jews say, 'Ezra is the son of Allah'; and the Christians say, 'The Messiah is the son of Allah.' That is their statement from their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved [before them]. May Allah destroy them; how are they deluded?" also has nothing to do with Islam?
Islam is the most tolerant religion on the planet. Throughout Islamic history, Muslims have had the utmost respect for other religions, and still do. Do you want terror attacks to stop? The answer is the same now as it has always been: you must convert to Islam, or you must pay an exorbitant tax to continue living as an infidel, or you must die. See? We respect your right to choose, and we will honor whatever choice you make. We're so pro-choice, it's no wonder Democrats love us.

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Thank you for post and welcome from Kana-da
Our fearless leader is wor-king ver ver hard to clear all matters of Islam up.
Here is a postcard to amerikan komrades

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"Callen's husband, Ty Smith, recalled seeing a drunk Mateen being escorted from the club."

MILF [Muslim Into Lūt‎'s Forsaken]

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When Omar's Pioneer Musical Brigade was selected to tour the Beet Field Circuit he showed little enthusiasm for his duty to the State. It was said he complained the reputation of Artsy People™ didn't live up to his expectations and not long after he moved on to tilth when or how he willed.


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I just found this floating on the Interwebs, basically restating the above UN Islamic Terror Korrekt Response Protocol 2.0.


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Once again zhe Chermany assumes zhe role of zhe Führer (i. e. Leader) of zhe Yurop.

The brilliant UN-ITKRP v2.0 (UN Islamic Terror Korrekt Response Protocol version 2.0) introduced by Comrade Minitrue has now been simplified here to UN-ITKRP v2.0 express (UN-ITKRP v2.0e). The practice of UN-ITKRP v2.0e is the following :

1. It has nothing to do with Islam.
The obligatory number of daily "It has nothing to do with Islam" invocations has been raised from 15 to 25, pro Kopf (i. e. per citizen).

2. Change the color of landmark buildings

3. Dear Leader's statement to exclude word "Islam"
(skipped, no statement).

4. Avoid being called Islamophobe
Members of the victimised opinion leading groups (media, artists, genderists, etc.) apologize to Muslim community in standardized commonplace phrases.

5. Imagine all the people...

6. Progressive crackdown on political opponents
Any social justice progress-oriented organization has to crack down on other-thinking entities, using standardized rejection & expulsion formulas (Nazi, Islamophobe, xenophobe).

7. Media: blame gun owners "dysfunctional society", not Muslims
(obligatory; suggest "Nazistic autochthonous society").

8. Islamic response
(optional). Local Muslim organisations: display half-hearted attempts at an apology.
(added) Always point out the inherent purity of Islam.

9. Doublethink
People who can read: use advanced Doublethink™ to ignore all written evidence in the Islamic holy texts that call for a relentless war against unbelievers.
(added) According to personal ability, use also - publicly - Doublespeak™ clearly expressing your Doublethink™.

10. Shoot the messenger
(obsolete; now covered in 6, with support via 7).




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Our German brethren are - as always - far ahead in progressivism...

And you know what's funny? Merkel will be chancellor again, Le Pen will lose in the second round of the presidentials and Wilders will become a 45% opposition party boycotted by deep state and all the other parties...

The revolution rolls on!

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Minitrue wrote:... Merkel .. Le Pen .. Wilders ..
Exactly (sad to say).

(Merkel's (leftish-bent) RINO-party will get some real - yet mini - opposition in Bundestag (think House), in the form of AfD. And that's it. For now.)

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Beyond parody:

This twitter comrade praised the diversity of the London victims of the recent terror strike. (Apparantly this is a new part of the UN-ITKRP II protocol). His flamers on twitter are hilarious.

"A snapshot of London's magnificent diversity in those injured: French, Romanian, Korean, German, Polish, Irish, Chinese, US, Italian, Greek."


@georgeeaton and don't forget the Arab who smashed into them all, the sanguine pavement really adds to the diversity soup doesn't it :))

@georgeeaton Thank goodness Muslims don't discriminate racially while slaughtering everyone with a different religion.

@georgeeaton This tweet is a perfect illustration of why I despise liberals.

[highlight=#f5f8fa]@georgeeaton Great news! The injuries were diverse as too, from broken bones, to broken necks, to being stabbed to death. So much diversity! [/highlight]

[highlight=#f5f8fa] [/highlight]@georgeeaton[highlight=#f5f8fa] Aaaand.... pity he didn't injure some gays or trans, right? That would have been even more "magnificent", right?

@georgeeaton[highlight=#f5f8fa] Ironic that 'magnificent diversity' seems to have brought the problem
[highlight=#f5f8fa] [/highlight]
@georgeeatonit's our obsession with diversity and multi-culturalism that has led to so many terrorists living and being born in the UK.[highlight=#f5f8fa] [/highlight]

and on and on and on ...

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[color=#a0a0a0](twitter-comrade)[/color] wrote:"... London's magnificent diversity in those injured: ..."
And what, no Cherman? I'm offended. The whole thing must be more equally restaged.

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Comrade Minitrue, in UN-ITKRP v2.1 a Diverseness Equality Clause must be added.

The Clause must cover not only ethnicity (and race, class, gender, sexuality),
it must also be Anatomically Equally Diverse.

Just a broken neck here, dislocated extremity there - that's unsatisfactory.
The whole Human Anatomy Atlas needs to be meticulously covered.
UN - the World Community demands!

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And only humans in the glorious display of so-called diversity? What, no cats, dogs, squirrels, pigeons, etc.? Or were they part of the beautiful sanguinary canvas but not reported because so marginalized by society as to be "invisible"? Oh, the speciesism of it all!

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This week's terror attacks in Europe...

  1. [indentr]Paris 3/18 - Ziyed Ben Belgacem[/indentr]
  2. [indentr]London 3/22 - Khalid Masood
  3. [indentr]Antwerp 3/23 - Mohamed R
  4. [indentr]Foggia 3/23 - Diallo Mamoudou[/indentr]

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Red Square wrote:This week's terror attacks in Europe...

  1. [indentr]Paris 3/18 - Ziyed Ben Belgacem[/indentr]
  2. [indentr]London 3/22 - Khalid Masood
  3. [indentr]Antwerp 3/23 - Mohamed R
  4. [indentr]Foggia 3/23 - Diallo Mamoudou[/indentr]

It seems the "Lone Wolves " run in packs.

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[color=#C0392B]Captain Craptek[/color] almost had it right when he wrote: It seems the "Lone Wolves Squirrels" run in packs.
Oh oh... run Maurice RUN!!


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Captain Craptek wrote:Image

I suppose the huge black spot in the upper-right quadrant is a beet wodka spill, no?

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Comrade Stierlitz wrote:
Captain Craptek wrote:

I suppose the huge black spot in the upper-right quadrant is a beet wodka spill, no?

Thanks for noticing - I uploaded the wrong version. (the one with beet wodka stains)

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I actually noticed it first!

(BTW - I talked him out of that gulag thing!)


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Maurice... I'm so glad you were able to completely airbrush out that sad Donald Trump Junior!
(Nice job, sir!)

What a killjoy he was!!


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Next add-on within UN-ITKRP v2.1 : Silent ululation of a dozen f-gendered visible Muslim(a)s.

Image (more Kubic details here)

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Sverigestan - Returning Jihadis to get housing and benefits in reintegration program.

What humanitarianism!
A European's heart bursts with pride.
Uh, and don't forget to count the "combat" years towards the pension entitlement, ja?


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Our European korrektness is so complete it makes me cry, comrade Al-Dumko al-Almani.

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Invest (profitably!) just 1:29 of your precious time to see the above super-weirdo in MEMRI.

MEMRI has a handful clips of that fanatic, uh, I mean that Brother (Dr. Mahmoud Shaaban, Egyptian cleric, professor of Islamic studies at Al-Azhar University), here.

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from Interwebs (simpatico "nobody's a boob when cartooning as noob" format, µ-enhanced):


User avatar
Genosse - I like this Interwebs program myself!


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Comrade Putout wrote:.
Genosse - I like this Interwebs program myself!

PUTOUT! You may be interested in this:

A nearly endless stream of cartoons like Genosse's.

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Comrade Stierlitz wrote:
Comrade Putout wrote:Genosse - I like this Interwebs program myself!
PUTOUT! You may be interested in this: <nearly endless stream of cartoons like Genosse's>.
by Marx - never seen, grab a first best, and here you go: Amerikkka called a dummkopf !

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RedDiaperette wrote:And only humans in the glorious display of so-called diversity? What, no cats, dogs, squirrels, pigeons, etc.? Or were they part of the beautiful sanguinary canvas but not reported because so marginalized by society as to be "invisible"? Oh, the speciesism of it all!
Be soothed, feline Comradette.
There was speciesist equality, particularly in Berlin's Christmas-Market-"splashy-drive-through".

The "official" "reaction" was studiously sparse, impersonal, vacuous. The killed/wounded ones left name- and faceless. And bills for autopsy sent to several families of those squashed to pulp. Software glitch, regretfully.

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(Paris, Notre-Dame, June 6)

After being ordered by their kafir-imam to praise his giaur idol "God" by holding hands up, the mushrikun complain about numb fingers, pressure in chest, and the like.

You kuffar, you live in shirk! Allahu akbar! Takbir! Takbir! Takbir!

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Genosse Dummkopf [color=#c0c0c0]([url=][color=#c0c0c0]above[/color][/url])[/color] wrote:... Merkel's (leftish-bent) RINO-party will get some real - yet mini - opposition in Bundestag (think House), in the form of AfD. And that's it. For now ...
Comrades, we had that pic already: _(here, with further details)

Germany (04-02-2016), an approximation of the polit-party spectrum
(via interviews: Where do you stand, and where do parties stand ?) :
(not from "public pollsters", mapped by pretty competent sociologists)
That pic is still fully up-to-date.

And, as already seen in 2016, it's now even clearer: AfD, filling the territory abandoned by (formerly conservative) CDU/CSU, will be a significant factor in the election result, tomorrow.

(and of course, in the recent 2-3 weeks all the "established" parties started to brazenly "borrow" from AfD - positions that just weeks ago were cheaply smeared as "Nazi", "fascist", you name it.)

Election results: tomorrow (Sunday), poll sites close at 8 p.m. CEST (= 2 p.m. EST).
Approximate results expected within 6 hours.

MPPD (my personal portable dummkopf) wispers:

Voter turnout : well beyond 70%.
(given the "now or never" nature of this election, it should be above 90%, but hey...)

The percentages below denote shares of seats in Bundestag - our Parliament (think House):

AfD : an outcome of 10+% seems sure, something around 15% not impossible, anything in vicinity of 20% (unlikely, but who knows?) would be shocking.
(and a significant part of the vote for AfD will come from disenchanted nonvoters - in the recent decade, the voter turnout in local/federal elections went south to ca. 70%.)

CDU/CSU (black): around 35% (expected 35+, not impossible something closer to 30).
SPD (red): around 20% (expected 21, not impossible 19). Anyway, it's an implosion.
FDP (yellow): around 10% (likely below). A comeback (been kicked out of the Bundestag in 2013).
Linke (deep red): around 8%.
Greens (ibid.): below 7%. (GD: 4,9% would be nice - below 5% it's bye-bye to Bundestag.)

Two weeks to election day, the "prognostic" arm of the polit-cartel of course switched into CYA mode - the augured trends of the "extreme-right"/"fascistic"/"Nazist" AfD shifted from "tumbling"/"downwards" to "slowly upwards", and all of a sudden comments pop up reminding the public of "uncertainties"/"unknowns" in their - cartel's - "data acquisition" and "statistical modelling".

(yet all in all, that Merkel beast will remain Kanzler, except CDU/CSU revolt - fat chance...)

P.S. A special for Comrades Amerikkkans - flashback to Nov. 2016 :

An ober-honcho of German public broadcast, a very pompous bozo who, around important, "world-format" elections, all of a sudden dons the hat of an "election guru" and benevolently explains all the election-machinery intricacies to the supposedly open-mouthed unwashed.

(that cuck soon to swirl across EUSSR boob tubes, pontificating to "masses" once again, haha.)

Two days to Nov. 8th - whom zhe Chermans see as coming POTUS :

and WaPo regurgitation :

plus Nov. 8th, 8 p.m. CET (3 p.m. EST),
and Ma'am Incompetent "assured" of 268 electoral votes :

and the "morning after" :


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The vote in Germany will help decide the faith of Europe. I hope your compatriots choose wisely!

"Nicht wieder tun ist die beste Buße."

Freundliche Grüsse, dein Kamerad, Minitrue

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alea iacta est...

For reference, the results:


and the (historically unprecedented!) losses, versus 2013:


plus (barely surprising) facts:

- voter turnout 76,5%
- massive nonvoter comeback, mainly in favor of AfD, and also FDP
- the two big-tent parties, CDU/CSU (ex-conservative RINOs) and SPD (socialistic Democraps), dominating "since ever" (i.e. 1949; the other parties - usually FDP - always just a tip of balance), hit both an absolute low, since 1949.

And: striking difference between the West (ex-FRG) and East (ex-GDR).
Comrades! The lesson of 40 years subjugation to Motherland's glory, while being hammered into Sowjetmensch, the Soviet New Man, wasn't for naught! - see below, East results (interim):


Here a nice pic of voter migrations:

and a more explicit quantification of "establishment's" Waterloo, I mean, Stalingrad:


And now a few extremes & Co:

Of Germany's 16 states, the most conservative one (by "AfD-affinity" yardstick) is Saxony (in ex-GDR, of course). Saxony - think beautiful Dresden, cradle of the RRRAAAAAcist Nazi Islamophobic PEGIDA-movement (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident):

O yep, last Saturday, just a day to election, German MSM all of a sudden detected a massive... RRRRRUSSIA!!! atack, via FBook bots, to completely overwhelm our "democracy" and twist the exalted act of voting into a vulgar кренделёк alias pretzel! Yes! And so, of course, all alarms went into high pitch!

Now, gender-news (la petite différence, nationwide):

(analogous data for other genders haven't yet been released.)

And here is what happens when you mix high testosterone with AfD-affinity (ex-GDR-wide):


Comrades eager to see more details may wish to visit this interactive overview (in English).

User avatar
BTW, all the "campaigning" (AfD factored out) was absurd, brimful of vapid puffery, and extremely phoney - obvious to anyone with a handful of functioning neurons.

The main concerns in German society these days:

(yep, jobs last - as the economy is, for now, still good (due in part to financial EUSSR trickery)).

But the 44% elephant was literally tabu, while the crime/security issue was "played" (by Frau Merkel herself) as well, there is this burglary*, but we will deal with that challenge...

* true, there is - organized bands coming from Europe's south and east. But the major concern is violence "imported" via the madness of "Wilkommeskultur".

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[img]images/clipart/Prog_Off.gif[/img]Thank you for this insider update! For many people here this will be the only honest news about the German elections they will ever hear, I suppose.

I am not as optimistic as you comrade. The leftist pro-population-replacement parties got >50% of the votes! So even after Merkel's "wir schaffen das" unleashed hordes of Muslims on our beloved continent, our German friends still voted her back into office. If the past four years did not wake up the average German, then nothing will...

But anyway, good luck to the AfD and Prosit.

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Image Comrade Dummkopf,

Brilliant summary. We (here in USSA) are more concerned with kneeling before football games and such. But thanks anyway!

(AKA, The Animal)

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Minitrue wrote:... I am not as optimistic as you comrade ...
vot? me? optimistic?

Dear Comrade, uh, I mean Brother Al-Minitru al-Belgiki, may Allah (PBUH) gloriously protect you from the Nazism-Fascism-RRRAAAAAcism of the haram kuffar jinnis of filthy crusading AfD.

After me having thrown a fatwa on "optimism", and having denounced your solicitous supposition, plus waged a finger towards Dar al-Brusseliyah, let's now have together a refreshing Maßkrug (or two) of Bayerisch Weizen, ok?

The whole leftoid/left/green-left/hard-left "establishment" remained, of course. _(quartet in pic)

The leftoid CDU/CSU (32+%, from 26+/6+) still the biggie, though clipped.
The left SPD (20+%), degraded, can continue with biggie, a summary majority.
The dreamt-for Red/Deep-Red/Green majority gone poofff... (20+/9+/9-). .(9+/9-, expected 8/7,
puffed-up by ex-Reds)
And Frau M, that beast, still as Kanzler-to-be.

FDP (10+%), libertarian, "always" in Bundestag - but kicked out in 2013 (below 5%), historically flip-floppers.
And AfD. Nationwide 12+%. In the East (ex-GDR) 22+%, with 29+% in Saxony (indeed, AfD is #1 there!). In the West (ex-FRG) 10+%, with maximum (12+%) in Bavaria - the CSU state!

Whereas all sides declared (since "ever"): cooperation (in any way) with AfD is a no-no, period.
Which is OK - AfD has to oppose the "all parties, under Merkel" leftish GDR-2.0 course.
Also, AfD - a toddler, and still in ferment - is unripe for any governing role.

So, seems: structurally, not much change?
Looks boring? Like "business as usual"?

Wrong, Comrades.
Structure, roughly, preserved (for now).
But the balance is thoroughly shaken up.

Frau M is a plummetting comet, numerous pre-accelerators ignited since 2010, and the main Down-We-Go booster fired early September 2015.
In a sane country, M had to go - on her own, or been forced to resign - after that desaster, latest.
Germany's insanity: the whole leftoid/leftish/left blob, including public mainstream, applauded!
M's insanity: she now - stubborn and strongheaded - again declares "no limit on migration".

But today - Election over! Frau M victor! Let's form the new government!

Turns out, even the alliance CDU/CSU is shaky. Reason:
1) CSU (Bavarian CDU), decades of absolute majority, since 2009 around 45%, now below 39%!
2) next Bavarian state legislature election: September 2018.
3) the Bavarian AfD is strong (the strongest among all West-states).
4) CSU between a rock and a hard place: go with Frau M's CDU, risk a wipeout in 2018.
Meaning: CSU must take clearly AfD-like positions - or else...
Implying: CDU must go AfD-like, too - or break the alliance.

SPD already declared (ultimately?): no alliance with CDU/CSU. Here goes the majority government, poofff.

The single other possible majority: CDU/CSU + FDP + Greens.
Assuming CSU doesn't cop out - and if it does, here goes your "majority" down the tubes.

So, say hello to the spectre of tolerated minority government.

Issues. On all the catastrophes - "open borders", "migration limits", "energy revolution", "bailouts à la Greece" - FDP and the Greens hold diametrically opposed positions. You flip-flop on these, you risk erasure by increasingly infuriated "masses", come next local elections.

Some parameters:
Greens: particularly obnoxious, fanatic, and lunatic. Obsessed with social (micro-)engineering, via verbots and gebots - prohibit & coerce. "Get out of coal". "Combustion engine verboten (deadline 2030)". "Open borders". These are Greens' current vectors. Oh yep, and "Fight particulates!". Plus "Eco-Nutritional revolution". By ukase.

FDP says: We enter the government only when it will not generate "voters for protest parties".
(with emphasis on "says" - this coming from former notorious flip-floppers.)

With AfD mood on Frau M's (and her allies) tail, let all them enjoy balancing their insanities.

You bet, there is intern pressure in CDU and CSU for (ACHTUNG, Comrades!) a purge in the top echelons. The tip of CSU's top since ever known for "jump as tiger, land as bedside rug".
And who says, Frau M can't be toppled? already in the negotiation phase?

A new government, however twisted and unpalatable, should appear until December.
And not only "tolerated minority" or "diverse purges" come into perspective.
It may also end with new election (and Frau M out of scope, finally).

Minitrue wrote:... anyway, good luck to the AfD and Prosit.


oans, zwoa, g'suffa! (= eins, zwei, prost!)

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Captain Craptek wrote:... We (here in USSA) are more concerned with kneeling before football games and such ...
yeah, got that pathetic episode too,
and then had to snort with laughter:
when Trump wrote:... Get that son of a bitch off the field right now! Out. He's fired! he's FIRED!

PL.2017.07.06.Trump.Słychać wyyycie_znakomicie.jpg

(seen in some polski source - there is widespread respect and reverence for DT in Poland)
(there also is, since post-WW2, a prevalent admiration for Ameryka and its specific ways)

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Comrade! If not sure of the demarcation line between the West (ex-FRG) and East (ex-GDR) parts of Germany, instantly educate yourself here (just skim the maps of vote-intensity for AfD, or Die Linke (ex-SED), likewise the Greens).

The East Germans just - statistically - preserved their Soviet-orbit-honed ability of sensing propaganda (in particular: reading "between the lines"), phrasemongering, and "benevolently" patronizing arrogance.

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Thank you comrade Genosse for your explanations! They are most illuminating.

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Explicitly Jewish (American-Israeli) gal - enamored with and living in Germany - hunts Nazis, in... a Munich(!) beer hall(!!) where AfD(!!!) (Hitlerite?) types celebrate their election victory:

None found?
Young lady, don't despair! Just wait for Al Quds Day in your city, Berlin!

Interspersed with standard Islam-is-Peace roar of la ilaha illallah, takbir - allahu akbar, etc.
and police warnings to stop firing crackers in the crowd, to please stay "cool", etc.
also peace-odes in Deutsch are heard, the central leitmotiv first and foremost:

Jude, Jude, feiges Schwein, komm heraus und kämpf allein!
(Jew, Jew, cowardly pig, come out and fight alone!)

and further:

Raus, raus, Israel! (out, out, Israel!)
Netanyahu, feiges Schwein, ...
Kindermörder Israel! (children killer Israel!)
Falastin! Falastin! Falastin! (Arabic, for variation)
Israel bombardieren! (bomb Israel!)
Frauenmörder Israel! (women killer Israel!)
Stoppt den Mord, stoppt den Krieg! (stop murder, stop war!)
Palestina bis zum Sieg! (Palestine, go for triumph!)
Intifada bis zum Sieg! (Intifada, until triumph!)
Deutsche Medien lügen! (German media lie!)
___[true, but: which way do they lie, eh?]
(burning Israel flag)

Also heard: three-word chants, two of them being "Jews" and "gas".
(no, a plea for "Jews, switch to e-cars!" it wasn't.)

(the latter scenes now apparently memory-holed from YouTube, hard to say by whom.)

... and this way, Comrades, we are back to our main topic here, UN-ITKRP v2.0, jawohl!

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Dr. Bill Warner explains his own take on "UNITKRP 2.0". He proposes to give scores to Jihad attacks, just like in the olympics, depending on certain criteria (like the response of useful idiots like de Blasio).

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Ain't that the truth - as long as you replace the truck's Confederate flag with the Home Depot sign?


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Minitrue wrote:Dr. Bill Warner explains ...
While at Dr. Warner:
Komrade - haven't seen his carefully assembled visual compilation of Jihadi Wars (starting A.D. 620, until 1920*) versus Crusades (A.D. 1080 until 1260)?

* collapse of Ottoman Empire; and concurrently kinda restart:
._1928, al-Banna + Qutb Ikhwan alias Muslim Brotherhood.

You may wish to reeducate:
5 minutes, commented by Dr. Warner: .

A bit shorter, and self-explaining:
(note the time-scale displayed on top): .

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Quo vadis, Germania?
(post-election) wrote:...
A new government, however twisted and unpalatable, should appear until December.
And not only "tolerated minority" or "diverse purges" come into perspective.
It may also end with new election (and Frau M out of scope, finally).
Alea iacta est...
Now (last Sunday) one step cleared - no new government (green lunatics insist on green lunacy).

So, either tolerated minority (a newland for post-WW2 Germany) or new election
(or our "Democraps" drop their steadfast "no" to Merkel RINOs - Einstein's "insanity" once again).


The tolerated-or-election process likely to take months.
And ‒ as said above, post-election ‒ Frau M is definitely a plummetting comet.


(Merkel's nebulous and imprudent parole, as "refugees" steamrolled into Umm al-Mumineen land)

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NEBRIL (Friday, Dec. 8) - After Ṣalāt al-jum'ah (the Friday prayer), ca. 1200 true believers ad lib gathered in the city's central square, known for its majestic town gate. Waving Palestinian, Turkish and Syrian flags, the believers flocked to the south side (an embassy has been built here in 2008, by Great Satan). Also Hamas and Fatah flags were brandished. And even Israel flags were seen, reportedly two of them. The visibility of those white-blue flags was, alas, somewhat limited, as they vanished into thin air, thermally aided.

Spontaneous choir chants followed, reciting traditional motives. Among them, of course, Allahu akbar! ; la ilaha illallah - Muhammadur rasulu llah! ; Allah loves martyrs! ; Khaybar Khaybar ya Yahud (in memory of Muhammad's, uh, liberation of the Banu Qurayza tribe) ; free free Palestine! ; Takbir! Takbir! Takbir! ; Children killer Israel! ; Death to Israel! ; Intifada! Intifada! ; ...
Recitals were heard, e.g. "I demand Istanbul to let the Turkish-Muslim army march on Jerusalem and revive the Ottomans!" ; "Jerusalem belongs to all Muslims, to the whole Ummah!" ; ...

All those chants were performed in Arabic (of various flavors), but also in Turkish, and even in the ancient lingo of Nebril.
On an "if-need-be" basis, friendly wardens in uniforms were also present. Indeed, some need finally built up as a few mummed chanters made objects fly towards the tolerant wardens.

(oops, erratum: not NEBRIL, BERLIN. And the town gate worldwide known, Brandenburger Tor.)

Mummed types, stones flying, breaking the barriers attempted, the police finally moved, detained a dozen of those, uh, alternatively cultured enrichers.
Next, police (finally!) declared the Ummah-fest ended: "Go home", in German and Arabic (the Turks being assumed to understand Deutsch).
Oh yeah, kuffar police? and what do you do if we just stay here and continue to rumble, hah?
Only after an hour, repeated police prompts, a water gun vehicle ready (and temp around 30 °F), the Pally-Ummah finally dispersed.

finally: police is on orders, and Berlin is reigned by R2G, Red-DeepRed-Green, a total disaster.

1 minute sneak peek.
30 seconds of Khaybar Khaybar.
2.5 minutes "Turkish" and Hitlerian heil hitlers, a punishable act, right in yer face, police.
4.5 minutes look-'n-feel, Star of David burnt (also reported, demo #3 on Sunday).
30 minutes (police reporter), the thing already "ended", @15:00 restarts emotional (not violent).

By tradition, also kids were in the crowd, even toddlers (yep, in "freedom-fighter's" Pally camo).

Berlin.2017.12.08. Palestinian-Turkish-Syrian flags.(600).jpg

Oh yeah? our rally has to be registered? and authorized?
So, what do you do, kuffar "authority", if we just gather in masses and do as we please, hah?

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Here's the recent korrekt response in the UK - "Diversity Bollard."