Noor Salman does Disney

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For those who were born or arrived in this country after the 1980s: The Walt Disney Company used to have "I'm going to Disney World!" advertising slogans in a series of commercials that began airing in 1987. They usually featured famous athletes and successful celebrities, who responded to the question "What's next?" by saying, "I'm going to Disney World!" It is now Noor Salman's turn.

The Disneyfication of Noor Salman by Huffington Post

Perhaps, because Noor Salman helped her husband, Omar Mateen, to scout out Disney World for potential targets before he killed 49 people inside a gay nightclub in Orlando, Huffington Post editors have experienced some associative substitution and decided to depict the alleged Jihadess as a Disney princess in an article that defended Noor Salman against scapegoating and demonization "rooted in gendered Islamophobia."

Noor Salman is a perfect intersectional victim - a Muslim, a woman, and a wife of an ISIS supporter. To think she might be guilty of anything other than perfection would cause a catastrophic collapse of the Huffington Post belief system. There is a defense mechanism for that, helping to avoid a psychological trauma in Huffington Post editors through counter projection.

What's the opposite of demonization? Disneyfication!


This composite portrait is similar to the facial composite made by the police, only it's made out of several Disney characters. Sort of like Barack Obama's imaginary composite girlfriend from his memoir, or the Obamacare composite model, or the composite Julia on Obama's website.


This metaphoric deformation in their minds is what allows Huffington Post editors to continue to sincerely believe that "The Huffington Post has in place rigorous editorial policies and standards... to ensure that we maintain the highest level of journalistic integrity."

In contrast with the Disneyfied intersectional victims, there has also been a Disneyficaton of police, whom the editors' psychological defense mechanisms transform into cartoon villains. See, for example, this screenshot.


Why, of all things, Disneyfication? Take a look at the Huffington Post editorial board and make a guess how long ago any of them stopped believing in fairy tales.


Special thanks to Jon Sutz and Mrs. Red Square for their invaluable ideas and input.

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If you look carefully, you can see platters of memberberries on the table. This will help the editorial board of "PuffHo" in their remeniscing about the better days when the Soviets still ruled...