Progressive Fashion: Lovely in Lenin

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On the weekends I'm just like any other modern progressive girl. I like to volunteer as an Obamacare Navigator, oil my chainsaw, and with what time I have left, shop for the latest leftist fashions. Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle, trying to find properly fitting work skirts and Obama-logo blouses. Imagine my surprise when I saw this item at my local government boutique/storehouse, where each piece of clothing is bestowed with a phrase describing its look and feel:

Behold this season's newest fabric: Lenin. Lightweight and comfortable, clothing made with Lenin looks great on fOrward-thinking girls who know which gulag they're headed to in life. A Lenin girl is never one to shy away from labor, so she needs to stay cool while toiling away. Versatile Lenin goes great with digging up beets in the field, or hammering anvils in the factory.

Affordable, this particular style of Lenin only cost a month's wage (cost precludes the need for rationing). The best part is, you can wear it again and again... and again and again. Lenin matches the two other timeless, progressive pieces already in your trunk, likely from Obama's couture collection

Lenin comes in a variety of trendy colors to match your mood: Black, dark gray, gray, light gray or red.

My inspiration: Soviet sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko, modeling her fashionable uniform and jewelry.

The Progressive Fashion Kommittee is very much on board with the widespread wear of Lenin. A sheer fabric, it tears easily on barbed wire and does not provide much protection from the elements. The Kommittee was originally keen on promoting Lenin with a fashion show, but the word "runway" sounded too much like "runaway," so they nixed the idea. Now, you must visit your local government boutique/storehouse to get a glimpse of Lenin. It's sure to be a classic!

Observe this young woman looking fOrward to the future while wearing a matching bright Red ensemble.


Required reading for progressive fashionistas:

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Can I have 6666 in a size triple XXX for the Janyts? Ahem. They are listening in....

Lenin Save The Wombat Factory!


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Olga, is that a picture of a young Nancy Pelosi rushing to get on the Gravy Train?

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As all fashionably FORWARD! progressives know, no ensemble is complete without accessorization.

And nothing goes with fashionable Lenin like our new Gulag™ Goggles™!

Get yours today - just call 1-800-FOR-WARD to place your order. We accept Obamacard, and Gulag™ Goggles™ will qualify you for a discount on your first Obamacare eye doctor appointment!

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Be careful when you wash things made out of lenin. I bought some nice breezy summer slacks made out of lenin at Tommy Bahama's a few weeks ago and boy oh boy did they ever shrink like nobody's business when I washed and dried them I'm here to tell you. Don't use hot water. I wasted a hundred and thirty dollars!

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Comrade Margaret - Pls. post a pix. I can't wait to see you in the slacks.

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Rumor has it that Comrade Anthony Weiner is a fan of exactly that technique, Comrade Margaret! And he's now the Democrat front runner in the race for New York mayor!

I am desperately resisting the urge to elaborate.

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Comrade ROCK! I thought we had agreed not to bring this up again!

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Comrade Lyudmila Pavlichenko needs more participation awards ....

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Ivan Betinov wrote:Olga, is that a picture of a young Nancy Pelosi rushing to get on the Gravy Train?

I see the resemblance.