Putin brings out the BIG Gun for the Ukraine

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Vladimir Putin called in a retired veteran Russian General to fight in Ukraine. As per London based The Daily Star, 67-year-old General Pavel (aka the Beast from the East) has been 'brought out of retirement to take charge.'

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A senior intelligence source told the newspaper that the General 'will replace the Russian commander injured in the battlefield.' However, many Ukrainian officials have mocked the fitness level of Putin's 'new commander' in the warzone.

General Pavel is so large that he has to have his uniform specially made and wears two sets of body armour to cover his substantial girth. He is said to eat five meals a day washed down with a bottle of vodka.

The UK Daily Mail posted an article on General Pavel with a list of how other Russian generals have fared in the Ukraine.

Note: As we all know, the Ukraine is the cause of all inflation in the USA right now...

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