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A new political season is upon us as our new socialist comrades are leading the country into the promise of next Tuesday. As a result of this new direction it is only fitting that our television programming be purged and replaced with more altruistic progressive programming.

With a new season it is only fitting that the greed driven pro-capitalist, pro-innovation and pro-invention show of SHARK TANK get a much needed overhaul. In the new series, SHARK TANK SHAKEDOWN, capitalist pigs will be escorted before the "Sharks" in a show-trial where their talents, risk and greed will be confiscated by government do-gooders and bureaucrats only to be redistributed for public consumption for each according to their need.

Other revamped programming is currently being developed.

A list of potential spinoffs include...

The Price is Rightly Controlled
Who Wants to Tax a Millionaire?
Redistribute Ben Stein's Money
Race-Card Sharks