Super Bowl XLIX Truther Report Patriots Hacked Seahawks Call

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Picture caption: Super Bowl XLIX Truther-Report Experts in SLR (Scientific Lip-Reading) viewing video of the above-shown post-game encounter between Patriots Coach Bill Bellichick and Quaterback Tom Brady say that Bellichick told Brady, "Thanks for using your I-pad on the sidelines to hack-into the Seahawks play-calling system during the Seahawks' final huddle," and Brady replied, "Yeah, and you did such a great job imitating the Seahawks' offensive-coordinator's voice in calling that pass play," and then Bellichick added, "Yeah, but all that couldn't have worked if you hadn't also telepathically communicated the play-call to our rookie defender, Malcolm Butler."

Super Bowl XLIX Truther Report-- Patriots Quarterback Used I-Pad on Sidelines to Hack into Seahawks' Play-Call Communication System to Enable Patriot Coach Bill Billichick to Imitate Voice of Seahawks' Offensive Coordinator to Tell Seahawks Quarterback, Russell Wilson, to Call the Most Stupid Play Ever as Seahawks' Final Play to Snatch Defeat from Jaws of Victory.

SUPER BOWL XLIX Truther Report: With New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady using an Ipad on the sidelines during the Seattle Seahawks final huddle for the final play in Super Bowl XLIX to hack-into play-call transmissions from the Seahawks Offensive Coordinator to Seahawks Quaterback Russell Wilson, Bill Belichick imitated the voice of the Seahawks Offensive Coordinator in calling the pass-play while Brady telepathically communicated the pass-play to the Patriots' rookie defensive player, Malcolm Butler, who then intercepted the pass and thereby won the game for the Patriots.

Questioned about the "SUPER BOWL XLIX Truther Report" after the game, Seahawks head-coach Pete Carroll said, "I'm not a 'Super Bowl XLIX Truther,' but I do want to know 'the Truth'."