Thanksgiving = Genocide

On one of Amerikkka's most cruel and barbaric so-called "holidays", I leave you with these words:

Nobody but Americans celebrates Thanksgiving. It is reserved by history and the intent of “the founders” as the supremely white American holiday, the most ghoulish event on the national calendar. No Halloween of the imagination can rival the exterminationist reality that was the genesis, and remains the legacy, of the American Thanksgiving. It is the most loathsome, humanity-insulting day of the year – a pure glorification of racist barbarity.

White America embraced Thanksgiving because a majority of that population glories in the fruits, if not the unpleasant details, of genocide and slavery and feels, on the whole, good about their heritage: a cornucopia of privilege and national power. Children are taught to identify with the good fortune of the Pilgrims. It does not much matter that the Native American and African holocausts that flowed from the feast at Plymouth are hidden from the children's version of the story – kids learn soon enough that Indians were made scarce and Africans became enslaved.

And while you're celebrating your heritage of racism and genocide, I'll be in mourning, weeping for the suffering of the brave man who wrote this article:

When we sat down to our fictional feast of turkey, cornbread, berries and squash, "Ms. Winthrop" must have forgotten to tell her students that these menu items were all foods native to the Americas, cultivated by us indigenous folks.

The dismissal bell must have been looming, because Ms. Winthrop ran out of time before she could lead our discussion on the death and destruction of about 96 percent of the indigenous population of what we now call New England.

Had the bell not rung, she may have mentioned the more than 100 million Native Americans who met their deaths - most soon after the Europeans set foot on the North and South American continents ("A Little Matter of Holocaust: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas 1492 to the Present," by Ward Churchill, 1996).

All who celebrate the Thanksgiving Holocaust must be fought!

Smash racist holidays!

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Thank goodness for your lone sane voice in the wilderness. Thanks to you and others, people are slowly coming around.
As a practical matter, for re-educational purposes, I think everyone should be made to watch the movie 'Pleasantville.' Two youngsters go back in time through their television set to the so-called 'better days' of the 1950's. There they find that beneath the surface gloss of a happy America looms the dark specter of Fascism and Racism and hate, hate, hate. The movie is really a very stunning achievement and presents the real truth about America and our recent past. Thank goodness the Left has so much changed our culture over the last few decades.

Comradess Lenora, keep up the good work. Happy Indigenous Peoples of the World Feasting Day!

Comrade Otis -

Ignorant people think that the 1950s were better days because Bush was not president then. But the 1950s were a bleak period in Amerikkka, what with Amerikkka's assault on People's Republics abroad, and the domination of capitalist slavery at home. The only bright spots in the world were the crushing of the People's Enemies in Hungary, The Socialist Construction of The Great Leap Forward, and, of course, the revolutionary vision that Che brought to the world.

Amerikkka was a stinkhole of exploitation and barbarity then --as it is now, and as it will always be -- until the People rise as one to throw off the chains of these bastard slavedriving filth.

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Lenora Fullome wrote:Amerikkka was a stinkhole of exploitation and barbarity then --as it is now, and as it will always be -- until the People rise as one to throw off the chains of these bastard slavedriving filth.

At last someone has written the words that give voice to my emotions, my dreams, my lifelong desires that I've so long hidden within the beating heart of my breast. Lenora ...

Ah. The 1950's. The best of times... the worst of times.

Comrades! Struggle resolutely against such sentimental fantasies and concentrate on the correct Marxist vision of our future rather than the pathetic failings of the past.

We must conduct class warfare relentlessly to insure that the masses have nothing but what we as the vanguard of the proletariet decide they absolutely need short of starvation to serve the cause of revolution!

The party demands sacrifice, and accordingly, the Politbouro commands that, however difficult and embarrassing it may prove, all hot chicks must report to me personally to undergo re-education and training to more effectively advance the cause.

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Comrade Gnu Par-a-dime,
As your Overlord-Czar-in-Cheif, I order you to read this insightful, thought-provoking article. It could have been written by you, if only you had gotten your $hit together and joined the Cube a few years earlier. Since our delayed guilt needs an outlet, I order you to observe UNTHANKSGIVING DAY tomorrow, a day I have just invented to counteract the evils of the white man's "thanksgiving" (spit) day. I order you to spend the day in fasting and prayer to GAIA, while beating yourself with small sticks (to remind yourself of the sufferings of all murdered Indigenous Individuals), and reciting your own 10 Steps To A New AmeriKKKa holier-than-thou 5 year plan, BACKWARDS, 10,000 times. That might make up for the temporarily increased carbon output I make while observing my own holiday, Eat Turkey Until It Falls Out Your Eyeballs Day, which JUST HAPPENS to fall on the same day as the ThanksGenocidegiving day celebrated by the white man. Granted, I eat that much everyday, I just wanted one day out of the year where I don't have to hate myself for it. Get whippin'!

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Czar Czar wrote:reciting your own 10 Steps To A New AmeriKKKa holier-than-thou 5 year plan
If you have any doubt as to what I mean here, remember this?
New Paradigm wrote:1. GRASSROOTS DEMOCRACY

You can mock these goals, I won't stop you.
So you see, if you really believe in all this, and didn't just make it up on the fly while posting, just to make yourself sound smart and thoughtful, you should be able to pull this off in your sleep.

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Here's to the liberated Thanksgiving turkey!


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We, as arrogant homo sapiens, should hang our heads in shame for gaining dominance over the Neanderthals, insuring their eventual extinction.

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This is such a detestable day, one in which the greedy white fat cat bourgeois slave owners fatten themselves a little more than usual to give a world in need more of their trickle down economic bullshit.


And we all know who started these genocidal wars on the working class that will continue to haunt mankind for an eternity or at least until Next Tuesday ™ .