The Hillary Coronation Chronicles: Origin of the Yellow Suit

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Is there anything more beautiful than a freshly squeezed Hillary Clinton in a solid gold/yellow pantsuit? Of course there isn't. Images that come to mind are the sun rising, marigolds blooming, and the "Yellow Man of Aleppo" getting humiliated by Hillary's boys in the 'Free Syrian Army'.

And here is where it all begins....

(Yellow Man of Aleppo 'The Y.M.O.A.')
How could Hillary be so bold in donning that fabulous gold pantsuit? One would imagine that with the current flak our beloved Hill is taking in the form of "Wall Street speaking fees," she might tone down her 1%er sense of style. No, not this Hill, this is her damn coronation, the Hill-Clint is going all out. This includes eliminating all past, current, and potential enemies.

The inherent risk with wearing such an audacious gold pantsuit is that there is always someone who might wear it better. Enter the "Yellow Man of Aleppo". As you can see in the picture above, he definitely rivals Hillary in pulling off the gold/yellow suit.

Now, the last thing any human on this earth wants to do is "rival" Hillary. Just ask Gaddafi about that one.

(Wearing gold shortly before 'death-by-Clinton', some said was final straw for Killary)
So it was obvious, the "Yellow Man of Aleppo" needed to be eliminated. For this to be done, Syria needed to be invaded by jihadists from around the world, in order to overwhelm the sitting government, and allow Hillary's allies to break through the defenses and capture the Y.M.O.A.

Once the 'rival' was successfully eliminated by Hillary's allies among the jihadists, it gave her a clear conscience to wear the gold pantsuit at the debate with no possibility of any person on earth showing her up.

This is her coronation damn it, and nobody better get in her way.


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The yellow suit murderous mystery has deep roots...


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No, Comrades, THIS is the origin of the yellow suit.

And what the hell? Why shouldn't she turn to cooking meth? You know she'll never get arrested.


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"Kill Bill" works on a couple levels with Hillary.

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I think she's trying to relive her old job.


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A little kid said to me the other day, referring to Hillary, "The Empress Has No Clothes!"
Are we all missing something here? I have to admit, the visual is most difficult to contemplate. Maybe that's why everyone keeps talking about her clothes. Da?

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Ivan the Stakhanovets wrote:Image
FLATUS says "Not funny, squirrel..."


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Captain Craptek wrote:

Yeah, and when she shifts into REVERSE to pick up her passengers, a sound comes out of her (from somewhere) that goes "Beeep, beeep, beeep, beeep, beeep," until she shifts into FORWARD.