The Soviet Story (DVD)

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Here is the trailer of this vile counterrevolutionary film:

I simply cannot recommend this movie enough. It is awesome.

Buy it here.

I've just spent two solid weeks eating, sleeping, and breathing Rise & Fall of the Soviet Union, preparing to take the DANTES exam by that name. I've read reams about it. I've listened to audio about it while I shower, drive, or do anything else that occupies my hands.

I knew they oppressed people. I knew Stalin killed millions. I knew the entire economic system was based on a fallacy-filled philosophy concocted by a guy who thought he understood human history yet never bothered to really study or analyze it, instead cherrypicking only the facts that supported his preordained conclusions.

I thought I understood it. But now I know I had only scratched the surface before. Now I understand the utter depravity of Lenin, and how Stalin beat the odds by managing to be exponentially more cruel than Lenin. Now I know how a purported ideological basis can not only justify but intensify and multiply human cruelty. I have an even greater admiration for -- and amazement at -- Gorbachev and Yeltsin.

That clip just gave me chills. I will have to get the DVD!

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Since Green (eco, not Islamic) is the new Red, comrades might be on the lookout for Not Evil Just Wrong, which is to be released in October. How insidious! Students will be in school and thus possibly exposed to the noxious matter the film purports to contain.

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Far from being counter-revolutionary, I instead think this DVD is inspiring. It shows what is possible in the progressive America of next Tuesday.

And comrades, when that glorious day dawns, you better be on the right side of the gun and history.

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Do not forget Holodomor: The Movie--filming complete and trailers available--about the successes of collective farms in the Ukraine under Stalin! Thank goodness heroic reporters like Walter Duranty were there to prevent reports from being perverted and filling the masses with incorrect ideas about Soviet progress.