The Magnificent Eight - now with Kyle Rittenhouse

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Across cultures and historical periods, people who stick their necks out to defend the innocents have been always regarded as noble heroes. Seven Samurais in medieval Japan come to mind, and a subsequent remake set in 19th century America. Different time, different continents, same moral values.

Today this millenia-old morality is being turned upside down. We are expected to treat those who defend us as villains and murderers, and think of the bandits as noble heroes instead.

Similarly, throughout centuries, rebels like Robin Hood, who stood for the working people against the unreasonable government taxation, were favorite folk heroes. Today, we are expected to see big taxing government as our hero, and those who stand against the government expansion as domestic terrorists.

The Magnificent Seven of old would now also be called domestic terrorists and racist mass shooters.

What changed?

This post and pictures were inspired by KMTC.