Women's Progress Backwards: The Tale of Two Burkas

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As seen in The Washington Times (now with with more and better pictures)


This is a rearranged version (mostly to fit the viewable area, plus the title) of a series of photos by a female Yemeni photographer Boushra Almutawakel, who received her education in the United States. "Having studied in America, Ms Almutawakel has returned to live and work in Sanaa in Yemen. Controversial among Yemenis, her photographs seem designed mainly for a Western audience. See an interview with her here.

Contrast it with the pink Vagina Burkas of the leftist "women's rights" radicals of Code Pink, who, when they are not dressed as vaginas to pursue collectivist identity politics, are often cuddling up to Muslim theocratic dictators.

Code Pink's strategy is the opposite of the Yemeni photographer's: controversial among Americans, their stunts are calculated to reach anti-American foreign audiences.

Intentionally or not, the message sent by their costumes reduces the woman's existence to a single physiological function, stripping her of an individual mind, spirit, and character - a view not very different from the fundamentalist Islamic idea of a woman as merely a veiled reproductive organ. This is hardly coincidental: two militant collectivist philosophies are bound to converge at one point or more.
Another group of radical feminists recently held the San Francisco Slut Walk, to "defend" their imaginary right to both act as sluts and not be perceived as such. Preaching to the choir in the most liberal city of San Francisco hardly takes courage; one wishes they had tried pulling it off in the Muslim world, or at least in one of the newly created Sharia controlled zones in Western countries.

The only objective result of such "activism" is the creation of a false perception that the West is overcome by ruthless misogyny of the same brand as that in the fundamentalist Islamic cultures, where clerics blame rape victims by saying that women who do not wear the veil are like uncovered meat who attract sexual predators.

Now that the "War on Women" had been escalated into the most prominent theme of the recent Democratic National Convention, little doubt remains about the real manipulative intentions of the feminist arm of the DNC.

To a common-sense American such tactics may seem meaningless and absurd; not so to an outside observer. Here is a comment by a foreign Muslim posted on a page describing a nude action taken by Ukrainian feminists at the Saudi Embassy in Kiev - something that Code Pink would have done a long time ago if their agenda was truly about women's rights (warning: the link is not work-friendly).

These photos shows [sic] the desperation of women in the face of the repression they face on a daily basis. Ultimately to blame are the United States and Israel whose war against the Arab and Muslim nations make possible the continuation of such repressive regimes. The right wing in the US is in league with such regimes and is trying to reduce women in its country and around the world to medieval serfdom. The protests of these women are a sign that they believe that there is sufficient power in the world to free them from their captivity. Let's hope they're right. - Xylem
This rather sincere comment summarizes in a nutshell the ugly, misinformed, and ultimately hostile perception of the Western world by the average Muslim - a perception shaped by decades of anti-American, anti-Semitic propaganda that had been unleashed on the world by the Kremlin and erstwhile communist regimes during the Cold War and fell on fertile soil in the Muslim world and had since developed a life of their own. What's worse, these propagandistic clichés are being regularly updated and reinforced in Western countries by the radical Left, who have gained access to powerful media, education, and entertainment channels.

While Code Pink may not have created the notion that "The right wing in the US … is trying to reduce women in its country and around the world to medieval serfdom," they surely do their best to bolster it.

Among other things, America and the Jews thus become the "real" reason why women are institutionally mistreated in the lands of Islam - what a relief and a boost to the wishful thinking of all the Muslim misogynists. Why wouldn't they believe in this nicely packaged and bundled narrative that gives them a free license to continue to abuse their women?

The Left was never squeamish about breaking eggs to make an omelet. The eggs in this case are the brutalized Muslim women, who now have nowhere else to turn since the "cause" of their oppression - imperialist America - is not going away, and all the tales they may have heard about the freedom of women in the Western world have also turned out to be a lie - because Sandra Fluke says so.

Cynically distorting the nature and role of women in a society for political gain, as well as twisting and obfuscating the reality of gender relations in America may indeed serve the agenda of Democrat politicians and their more radical leftist allies, who are obsessed with demonizing and dismantling the existing Western societies.

However, it does more harm than good to women whom these "women's rights advocates" claim to defend - especially to those who dare dream of women's rights in Islamic cultures.


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One of the funnier photo essays I've seen in a while, dear comrade... and something for America to strive toward. Maybe this is what Obama means by "Forward"?

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I believe it is time for a "best of" reference to ThePeoplesCube archive.

BurqaBarn: Dress Your Woman in Style!

No need to drive when you can be transported, very liberating.


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BurqaBarn™ is a terrific invention for our Muslim friends allies associates. They have already recognized one major benefit: if they tire of old wife, simply wheel her out to the curb and go kidnap buy acquire a newer, more attractive model!

Party Section must find this amusing. They haven't been heard from since that Wendy's commercial redolent of fashion show in Old Soviet Union. On seeing that wheelbin, I can just envision the late Senor Wencas lifting the lid to ask "Alright?" And a high pitched response would emerge, "S'alright."
As to Code Pink, may they be attacked by teams of spud gunners shooting dildos and with cum cannons squirting marshmallow fluff. Better yet. Let's see them dress and act like that in downtown Cairo where they'd get hit with harder objects of a geologic nature.

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Comrade Pistov wrote:Let's see them dress and act like that in downtown Cairo where they'd get hit with harder objects of a geologic nature
Rather, in downtown Cairo their vagina costumes will be trimmed to match the genitally mutilated organs. Which means, off with their heads. In the case of American feminists, off with the clitheads.

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I was against our Glorious Party taking sides with these Islamacists against conservatives/Rethugglikkkrats, for obvious reasons related to equality between the genders. But as the old saying goes, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Once we've vanquished the ability of conservatives/Rethugglikkkrats to oppose us, we will have to turn on the Islamacists... and they on us. It won't be pretty.