Evil RethugliKKKan Al Qaeda eating Robots

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Apologies, comrades, at my tardy reporting of this evil RethugliKKKan plan to deploy evil robots to eat noble Al Qaeda freedom fighters, but I was only alerted of this development from the British Broadcasting Communists a few days ago.


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Why is there so much talk of Robots?
When I see the word robot around here it is always preceded by evil or killer.

After many years of discrimination and systematic disenfranchisement,I finally came to the CUBE seeking equality and a utopia free of petty prejudice.

It is needless to say this is one pissed off Prolebot!

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Holy garbage Batman! We need to send our al-Queda friends some nukes so they can use the EMP blast to disable these heartless machines.

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Yes. These machines should be employed not on Dear Leader's fellow believers, but rather on Dear Leader's true enemies - the Rethuglicans, of course. Oh, if only we could figure out a way to bring all Al-Qaeda freedom fighter to the USSA so that they could be under the guiding hand and care of Dear Leader via his USSA Attorney General Eric Holder - protector of all innocent freedom fighters for Islam.