Xi Pongping encircles (or surrounds?) Taiwan 2.0

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Taiwan 2.0?
Yes, as identified by Komrade KOOK (via his politicalxray orbiter which emits XRays):
KOOK [color=#999999]([url=][color=#999999]here[/color][/url] and [url=][color=#999999]here[/color][/url])[/color] wrote:... Joe biden is now announcing his status as "Cho Bai Din" to denote his new role as Premier of the new province of The Peoples Republic of China to be known as [highlight=#FFFF00]"Taiwan's Big Sister"[/highlight] to replace the former name of the USA (in the Middle East) as "Little Satan's Big Sister." ...
- and -
Says Xi Jingpin, "President Joe Biden did so well in his Strafe of the Union (formerly known as 'State of the Union') that I hereby proclaim him to be Cho Bai Din, Premier of our newest province '[highlight=#FFFF00]Taiwan 2.0[/highlight]'."
Taiwan 2.0, "Taiwan's Big Sister".

Now, about thirty-five minutes ago, Paramount Chairman Xi Pongping issued a laconic communiqué: Taiwan encilcle make Taiwan Big Sistel sullound. And added: Sun Tzu say: "The supleme alt of wal is to blibe big guy so he subdue." Then he hung up.

The Great Leader of the.. the.. you know, the.. thing.., uh, Dear Premier Cho Bai-Din (who got promptly jolted from his nap) reacted, um, soon. We need a summit - he resolved - yes, a digital summit. Kamala's administration here - he pointed, indistinctly - and [now he bowed slightly] Xi's people there, on that other telegra.. telegra.. - he grappled - uh, graphiscreen. As technicians rushed to their equipment, Cho Bai-Din murmured, somewhat self-forgotten: Thai-wan, yes, Thai soup... They have that saying, in Honk-aiwan: see-say-peed-way! When I was on Amtrak, he always came, slit-eyed [makes "slit-eyes" with forefingers, keeps it that way as he continues], yes, Choi I called him, and he like.. he squeezed my, he came and squeezed.. and always said "my is taiwa-kong man, see-see say peep-quay".

In the meantime, the summiteers already summitted (Chairman Xi stubbornly addressing Premier Cho Bai-Din as "Deal POTUT2").

"encircle"? "surround"? That was swiftly clarified. Somewhat cumbersomely, it went like this: Look, when our bombels and ailclaft calliels encilcle Taiwan, then Taiwan's Big Sistel automatically encilcled, too. Same happens also when we sullound, say, Austlalia. (and so on...) Their "toporogists" told them so, they splained. ("toporogists"?? topologists they meant?) And illustrated it thusly:


While "Dear POTUT2" still circulated verbally around his "peep-quay", the summit ended.


  • huh, "Dear POTUT2"? Why, of course "Dear Premier of the United Taiwan 2.0"
  • "topologists": fanatics may wish to visit e.g. this (korrekt!) Border-centered Map of the World

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Your map was most excerrant wrefferantazion of wrearity topographicarry.

In looking for some extra credit to pass audited without credit lecture, 'pelipsky foundthis, but drew different topographic diagram.''pelipsky's extra credit topographic boundary map shows the Philippines in this equation.

Dear POTUT2 Cho Bae-Din ------ PHILIPPINES ----- XI PONGPING

Philippines rooks to be Encirclesurrounded by Taiwan's Big Sister all the way around foreign policy exchange.

Any KOOK can interpret this with KOOK's patented Laika Desktop Political XRay Vision app.

That said, Perfesser GD, only you can verify, or refute emfraticarry, the 'pelipsky equation.

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POTUT2 is perhaps the stammerer-in-chief Cho Bai-Din's way of pronouncing "PUTZ," is it not?

[Prog Somewhat Off:]
That is how I quickly read it at first glance. I thought it most appropriate.

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RedDiaperette wrote:POTUT2 is perhaps the stammerer-in-chief Cho Bai-Din's way of pronouncing "PUTZ," is it not?

[Prog Somewhat Off:]
That is how I quickly read it at first glance. I thought it most appropriate.
And now, Komradette, rush pronto to get PCR-tested !!!

(who knows what else Pongpingies crammed into their Coronator,
maybe opto-lingual PUTZirfamopages?)

(irfamopages: irratio-fata-morgana-patho-genders)