[floatleft-nb]I have been selflessly orbiting Earth
since 1957, breaking space endurance
records, proving Soviet Space Program
is more advanced than Amerikanski
Program. Man on the moon, ptooey!
Amerikanski not returned to moon
since 1972, and I am still up here!

But I would like to come back to Earth
and help Amerikanski workers and
farmers defeat capitalist oppressors
and live happily like Soviet workers
and farmers. They could use help
from Hero Dog of Soviet Union,
Friend of People, no?

Laika (Controlling your tinfoil hats
since 1957)

Sunday Sermon By The Reverend L. Space Dogged

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Today's Sermon: Cap and Trade.

As we all know, Carbon is Evil. Especially the carbon dioxide being exhaled by RethugliKKKans this very second and it needs to stop.
Unfortunately, not enough gulags have been built yet to labor them to death so they can go see their false "Judeo-Christian God".
In the meantime we must reduce carbon emissions, eliminate carbon footprints, and cap, cap, cap and when we're done capping, cap some more.

"Cap and Trade" is the most Holy of Holy Rituals here in the Reformed Church of Climatology (aka "The Goremons")
Worship the Weather Stone and sing the praise of Cap and Trade!
Since the gulags aren't ready, we must build wind turbines!
Yes, wind turbines!


A warning from the Church!

Under penalty of ex-communication YOU ARE NOT to inform these extremely useful idiots that:

A) To make steel, you must mine coal
B) Coal must then be fired into coke
C) Coke is used to heat the blast furnaces
D) Iron ore must be mined
E) All of the mined resources must be transported via diesel burning locomatives to the steel mills
F) The iron ore must be melted in furnaces with other mined alloys to make steel
G) There is a lot of smelly, toxic by-products more dangerous than CO2 in the steelmaking process.
H) Cap and Trade means shooting America's steelmaking capability in both kneecaps, crippling even further our own ability to produce steel. The steel that will build these turbines will come from China, Brazil, South Korea, etc...who will not be subject to "Cap and Trade" or completely ignore it if they sign this worthless scrap of paper.

Go In Peace and Serve Al Gore.

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More of the Gospel

Out of Character....

Never before have I seen a more blatant obvious piece of bullshit propaganda foisted on American TV and its viewing public.

The Green Weenies in bed with Union Thugs pushing Obama's BIG LIE and there will be some people dumb enough to believe it.
Goebbels would blush....


I belong to the IBEW and they've bought into the "green" power propaganda, courtesy of Al Gore. They tell us that solar panels and wind turbines are going to become more prevalent and that these forms of electricity will provide us more work.

Problem is that solar panels are still INEFFICIENT and EXPENSIVE.
Solar uses some nasty chemicals in it's manufacture, has a life span, requires conversion devices/equipment to use the output and takes up real estate on a rooftop or on the ground.
And unless you have a battery bank to store the output, it will only be beneficial during the day, not at night. And there are some nasty chemicals in batteries as well.

Wind power is also expensive but has a greater output potential than solar. The equipment takes up real estate and needs to be maintained to deal with the wear on the turbine. They also require steel, copper and other raw materials to make.

Also, these "experts" fail to tell people that these forms of power only work when there's daylight (without a battery bank) or wind blowing and can't be depended on to be used 100% of the time. They NEED a power base that's on all the time to power the constant load of the grid.
That would be: coal fired generation, hydroelectric generators or nuclear power plants. These are the most EVIL form of energy to the Green Weenies, even though they are the most Reliable and Cost Effective!!

There are energy costs in the manufacture and operation of both of these methods of power generation. The only truth in "sustainability" for the Green Weenies is whether they can keep their pipes full of dope. What a bunch of dumb asses!!

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Image On another thread I posted a different version of this graphic, although I'm not sure which is more equal.

If we don't do this, we're all DOOMED - DOOMED I tell you!

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Lies! LIES I TELL YOU! The Windmills That Shall Save Us(TM) will be made by Union workers from the mountains of empty beer cans after their Fuck The Earth Day celebrations. Once the Windmills That Shall Save Us(TM) are completed, they shall be propelled 'round the clock by all the hot air from The Goreacle Himself, giving us all the energy we need! (However, not as much as we want, it still has to be apportioned, to each according to his needs, and frankly Comrade, you don't need that much today, come back tomorrow.)

{karacter off} "the Reformed Church of Climatology (aka "The Goremons") " Now that's funny, Comrade Laika!

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{karacter off} "the Reformed Church of Climatology (aka "The Goremons") " Now that's funny, Comrade Laika!
Glad you found it so...
But it is as old as The People's Cube Gorman Scriptures itself.

Have you found a Holy Weather Rock to worship yet?

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Comrades, no need to smelt iron ore. We'll simply use "green steel". We'll recycle tin cans scavenged from landfills (a shovel ready job I might add) and then melt them using the friction from Michael Moore's chubby thighs rubbing together.

Yes we can (no pun intended)

Holy Rock of GORE
Laika the Space Dog wrote:Have you found a Holy Weather Rock to worship yet?


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For the <s>Profit</s> Prophet Al'Gore (PBUH) spoke:

For there shall arise a Messiah. Great and wise his O'liness will be. Compassion, the embodiment of, he will be. He shall bring forth much <s>thievery</s> wealth redistribution. And smite he will these counter-revolutionary "Global Warming Deniers". Through his wise and compassionate essence, he will <s>nationalize</s> guide the Guilds into the Green light

The Holy Al'Goran, Sura 47.

Zampolit Boris Sukavich Blokhayev
Commissar, 1st Chief Directorate for The Party™ Approved Margarita Research and Operations
Grand Inquisitor, The Reformed Church of Latter-Day Climatology (The Goremons)

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Commissar Laika Space Dog,
Our European Comrades have seized on the Windmillation of the World:

It took some doing, but I finally located the Holiest of Holies the Ogore Rock:

Oh come all ye faithful and make pilgrimage to the Ogore Rock