Early Best Picture nominees

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Comrades. Its almost that time of year again, The Oscars.

The Academy Awards is a forum where our fellow-travelers of the left coast get to publicly stroke each other on live television. The competition for Best Picture is tough this year, but, I have narrowed my selections down. Your input is greatly appreciated.

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How to Lose Friends and Alienate People...




2012 - We Were Warned!


A sequel to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


And this one hasn't been made yet, but you just wait!


Gremlins starring Kathleen Sibelius...


Burn after reading...






From El Presidente -


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And we also had a list of Obama Scandal Movies

I Don't Know What My Administration Did Last Summer

The Good, The Bad and The First Lady

The Empire Strikes Taxpayers

A Day Without A Mexican Voter

Forgetting Sarah Marshall........and whoever else was at the embassy in Benghazi

9 1/2 talking points

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Citizen Blame

Born On the 4th of Kenya

Taxes Chainsaw Massacre

State Dinner For Schmucks

O Muslim Brotherhood, Where Art Thou?

An Inconvenient Constitution

Illegal Alien vs Predator Drone

SAW... nothin' (Parts I,II,III,IV,V,VI, etc.)

Raging Bullsh*t

Frost Obama

Man On Liar

Illegal Alien vs. Predator Drone

Honey, I shrunk the economy

The Irrelevants

Saving Private Ryan...unless he's in Benghazi

50 First Intimidates

Malice in Blunderland

The Last straight Boy Scott

Burn After Reading..........The IRS memos

Sandra Fluke Does Dallas

The Curious Case of Bumbling Biden

Rain Joe Biden became vice president

The English Patient......died because he had Obamacare

Four Scandals and a cover up

Hairy Movie..the story of the women of Code Pink

Exit Through the FREE Gift Shop

Saving Private Ryan...unless he's in Benghazi

50 First Intimidates

* * *

Followed by visual submissions from comrades:


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There's a lot more - I challenge you to find your own and post them here. The awards will be presented by Michelle Obama.


You may remember her from America's favorite classic "Big" directed by ROCK in the USSA.


I don't do visuals, so any comrade who is visually able can do any of these

Barry Soetero ... International Man of Mystery
Ferris Buehler's Lay-off
I, O-bot
Apocalypse Mao
Half Black Narcissus
From Here to Insolvency
O's Father, Who Art Thou

And my own favorite ... the true story of a half black, marginally American man who triumphs over a middle class upbringing, decades of covert racial preferences and carefully orchestrated white guilt not to mention a corrupt media which would go to any lengths to conceal his utter lack of qualifications to be elected to any office higher than dogcatcher's assistant in order to become the first quasi-dictator of the United States ....

"The Color Usurple"

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"He gave us a phone"

In the true spirit of these awards, I hope you spread the wealth and give all of the films "Best Pikture"!

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Callmelennie wrote:so any comrade who is visually able can do any of theseFerris Buehler's Lay-off

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Who can forget Seance, starring Nancy Pelosi? *shiver*
The botox was just the beginning...


And an oldie but a goodie, finally nominated for best Presidential Navy SEAL:


Finally, PROG WARS - Episode IV: A New Hope (and Change)


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An oldie but classic goodie:

Barack Obama starring in Pinobamio. The puppet who wanted to be a real person but couldn't stop telling lies. Featuring also the wisdom of Jeremiah Cricket with the sage advice to "Never Tell a White Lie," and the wonderful puppeteering by that loveable puppet master, Guisoros.
And, of course, it's a Walt Dizzy production.


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Where's "White House (on the) Down (low)"?